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12-year-old boy builds LEGO wheelchair for his Two-Legged Puppy

Gracie, a dog, had a difficult beginning to her existence. Her parents chose to ruthlessly abandon her when she was born without giving it a second thought.

She was born without front legs due to a congenital abnormality, which led to her being viewed as being so unneeded. The crippled dog was covered in maggots and had no hair around her eyes when she entered the veterinarian’s clinic.

The dog, however, and the compassionate individuals who saved her both refused to give up on life.

The Turney family, who run an animal sanctuary, adopted Gracie. They have experience caring for handicapped animals since they are the owners of a dog that is paralyzed and another who is missing a limb.

The family’s primary concern was how to increase Gracie’s mobility. The quickly developing dog required a simple solution that she could outgrow because she wasn’t yet old enough to be fitted for a wheelchair.

Dylan, a 12-year-old boy, fortunately saved the day. The young youngster constructed a wheelchair out of Legos.

This particular wheelchair was ideal because it was reasonably affordable and simple to alter to accommodate a growing puppy’s adjustments.

Gracie took a few weeks to get acclimated to moving around on wheels, but she eventually did.

She eventually became more adept at sprinting and walking.

Bigger wheels were added to the wheelchair when she had grown a little.

When she was finally of age, she was given a “adult” wheelchair.

Since she was a puppy, Gracie has been living a healthy and happy life thanks to her owners, which includes Dylan!

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