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82-Year-Old Woman Donates Part Of Her Pension To Help Animal Shelters

Although many individuals would like to take all stray animals home, they are unable to do so.

Kind Russians sometimes have numerous alternatives to aid stray animals to the best of their abilities.

A local came up with a helpful idea to assist them.

82-year-old Raisa Georgina is a retired grandma who makes an effort to aid stray animals. He has contributed as a volunteer for over 20 years.

It gives animals food and helps to enhance their living conditions. He began constructing couches.

Many animals now have a comfortable place to sleep as a result of him. She has a workspace in the shelter where she manufactures furniture, sews couches, etc.

She not only sews, but also eats dogs and cats.

He claims that he has loved animals since he was a little child and has considered several methods to one day assist them.

No matter how much money I spend on them, I don’t care.

Of course, I don’t have the strength to accompany them outside all day, but I can at least contribute by giving them a place to sleep.

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