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98-year-old mother enrolls in senior home care, In order to care for her 80-year-old son

When you have children, you are always a mother. Not when you’re ill, not when you’re worn out, and not even when you’re 98 years old, like Ada Keating from England.

In 2016, Ada’s 80-year-old son Tom Keating was transferred to Liverpool, England’s Moss View Care Home, a senior living facility.

Tom and Ada were Wavertree natives. Tom was never married and spent his entire life living with his mother. Ada had worked as an assistant nurse, while Tom had worked as a painter and a decorator before retiring.

Image: Liverpool Echo

Tom required more assistance, therefore he had to be transferred to Moss View Care Home. A year later, Ada moved in with her son so she could personally look after him.

Tom was the oldest of Ada’s four children. Barbara, Margi, and Janet, his three sisters, passed very tragically when she was just 13 years old. The two love spending a lot of time together doing simple things like playing games, watching their favorite TV shows, or simply drinking tea.

Image: Liverpool Echo

Ada stated that she bids Tom goodbye and good morning each morning in an interview with the Liverpool Echo.

This devoted mother informs her son when she will be coming down for breakfast, and Ada even claims that Tom watches for her and inquires about her whereabouts when she leaves for the hair salon.

“They’re extremely excellent here and I’m pleased to see my mom more now that she lives here,” said Tom, who was overjoyed to see Ada again at the senior home care facility.

Image: Liverpool Echo

There’s no denying the two are connected; even their family and the staff at Moss View Care Home can see it. The mother and son revealed some of their favorite activities in a sweet video.

The care facility’s manager, Philip Daniels, said: “We are very happy we were able to meet both of their requirements. It’s quite heartwarming to observe the strong bond that Tom and Ada enjoy.

Image: Liverpool Echo

We definitely want to make their time together as meaningful as we can because it’s really uncommon to see moms and their children together in the same care home.

The fact that they are both receiving the assistance they require at the senior home care facility makes their families pleased. “It’s comforting for us knowing they’re both getting cared after 24/7,” Ada’s granddaughter Debi Highman said.

It’s true that being a mother may be quite taxing since you give all of your energy and time to your kids. You prioritize their needs from the moment you find out you’re pregnant until, well, pretty much the rest of your days.

Image: Liverpool Echo

The amount of happiness and calm a mother has in her heart after learning that her kid is content and healthy, however, far outweighs all the exhausting days and sleepless nights.

You would do it all over again in a heartbeat, no matter how exhausting it could be, and like Ada, you’ll keep doing it no matter how old you grow.

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