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A grizzly bear known as “Super Mom” has given birth to her 17th cub.

A grizzly bear mother who became well-known for showing off her cubs to visitors on the side of the road has given birth to her 17th youngster.

The wild grizzly bear in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park is 24 years old and still has pups.

Grizzlies only survive in the wild for 26 years, but it hasn’t prevented this incredible mother from producing four pups.

Splitpics UK

It is unusual for a grizzly to produce four cubs at the same time, regardless of age.

She became known as “Grizzly 399” because she and her family were frequently observed on the side of the road, prompting the creation of social media profiles in her honor.

People believe the “super-mom” learnt to avoid male bears known to harm newborn bear pups by using crowded roadways.

This strategy worked successfully for Grizzly 399, the most successful grizzly mother ever documented.

Splitpics UK

These lovely photographs were taken by Kate and Adam Rice. Adam had this to say about them:

“At her senior age, we weren’t sure she’d produce cubs again, let alone four, which is quite unusual.”

“We were startled to learn she had four cubs. She appeared to be attempting to prove us incorrect.”

Splitpics UK

Kate works as a photographer at the park and claims to be utterly obsessed with bears.

“She frequently grazes in fields along the road. This allows visitors to have a glimpse into the life of a wild bear.”

Splitpics UK

“Female bears frequently raise their young near the roadway in national parks. People are supposed to shield them from hazards such as male grizzlies who may try to devour the cubs.”

Splitpics UK

Grizzly 399 initially made news in 2011 when she and her five-year-old daughter began rearing cubs in the same region.

Splitpics UK

The daughter adopted one of 399’s pups and successfully nurtured it, which is regarded to be a first of its type.

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