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A lаrgе chееtаh is cаpturеd оn cаmеrа аpprоаching thе fаcе оf а mаn using а whееlchаir.

Despite the fact that “the dog is man’s best friend,” many people discover ultimate loyalty in animals they never imagined.

This is what happened to Joan Lascorz, a former racing car driver who is now confined to a wheelchair following a tragic accident, but who has discovered true love in a very strange cat.

The motorbike accident that left a Spanish man named Joan wheelchair-bound and unable to use his lower limbs in Italy in 2012 irrevocably altered Joan’s life.

Despite this change in circumstances, the urge to enjoy life to the utmost remained. Joan’s excitement throughout the races has motivated her to seek new interests.

Even though he now uses modified automobiles to be competitive, the driver’s biggest source of motivation in life was discovered in the cheetah’s claws. Joan understood how to acquire the cat’s trust because she had reared him since he was a kitten. Despite its size, the animal behaves like any other pet.

Some may think the man’s decision to live with this partner is lavish and risky, but the two have a deep relationship. Joan is unable to leave the house since her cheetah follows her everywhere.

Despite the cat’s power and size, the father is loving to it, as seen by a beautiful video that the guy shared to his Instagram and that astonished everyone.


The pictures show the animal sneaking up to its father, where the hugging and loving gestures commence. To demonstrate their confidence in one another, the man rubs his nose against the cheetah’s and licks it. Is there a more effective approach to express trust?

The cat behaves and is well-cared for, even resting its head on its human father’s lap, as many cats and pups do.

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