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A Labrador dog befriends an orphaned elephant and teaches him to play fetch

An African Elephant named Bubbles and a black Labrador named Bella had the cutest animal friendship we’d seen in a long time. Their bond is one-of-a-kind.

Bella and Bubbles are close buddies who live in Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina and are frequently spotted playing catch in the sea.

Bubbles is one of the rare elephants who survived an African mass slaughter. During the 20-year slaughter, ivory poachers killed Bubbles’ parents. The remaining animals were either killed or released due to a shortage of room.

Bubbles weighed 340 pounds and stood 42 inches tall when she first arrived. But as time passed, she grew taller and heavier.

She currently stands 9 feet tall and weighs 4 tonnes. Isn’t it incredible?

Source: Myrtle Beach Safari | Photographs by: Barry Bland

Bella is an abandoned puppy left in the park by the builder who was contracted to create Bubbles’ swimming pool in 2007. The pool, which is now a river, provided an opportunity for the two creatures to become buddies. They struck gold!

Bella and Bubbles can occasionally be spotted playing in the water together at the Martyle Beach Safari. Bubbles grew up a lot, and so did her love of swimming.

The two creatures get along so well that everyone is surprised. Bubbles enjoys teasing Bella by tossing a tennis ball into the water for her to jump and grab.

Bubbles’ family was murdered in 1981 by people who stole ivory for jewelry. Thousands of elephants are still killed in horrific ways for the same cause today.

The two animals were fortunate to meet and become great friends.

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