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A Light Caramel-Colored Bear Cub Spotted In Whistler-Blackcomb Mountain

Mother Nature never ceases to astound her visitors. Guys, a Kermode bear cup might be light caramel in hue. This is not a joke. Kathy Jenkins, a tour guide from British Columbia, discovered it near Whistler-Blackcomb Mountain.

Kathy noticed the cute bear youngster joyfully racing after its grizzly mother. When the infant animal tries to ride on its mother’s back, it is hilarious and entertaining. Motherhood is clean and lovely in the woods.

If you look closely at these photos, you’ll notice that the cream-colored bear cub has a pink nose, which makes it incredibly adorable.

It’s noteworthy to see that the bear mom is all black. You’re aware of why the bear cub is light brown, right? The explanation follows.

“I’ve heard from several bear specialists that its (fur) color is the product of recessive genes from both parents. “The mother is very definitely a black bear,” Arthur De Jong, Whistler-environmental Blackcomb’s planning manager, told CBC News.

Some individuals can misidentify the bear cub as a white spirit bear. However, this is not the case. It has a distinct skin coloring, with a caramel, light, brownish shine to its fur.

Michale Allen, a bear specialist, stated that in his 23 years of looking on Whistler Mountain, he has only encountered black, reddish-brown, chocolate-brown, and blonde bears. But he’s never seen a bear cub with such a light caramel hue.

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