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A man living alone on an island like Robinson Crusoe for almost 20 years

The Australian guy, a former high-flying Sydney businessman who lost £6.5 million in the 1987 stock market meltdown, has been residing on tiny Restoration Island off the north-eastern coast of Australia since 1993.

Using his solar-powered internet connection, he is lonely and in love. Glasheen used a mannequin to publicize his problem and tried online dating to find his “Girl Friday” to live with him, but he was unsuccessful.

David Glasheen, who calls himself “the luckiest person in the world,” has lived off of crabs and coconuts and is linked to solar-powered internet. He has enjoyed a life of seclusion with his dog Quasi.

However, the Queensland government is attempting to evict the 60-year-old voluntary castaway because he did not fulfill the lease’s requirement that he construct a resort on the 1.53ha island.

Known as the “luckiest guy in the world,” Glasheen enjoys being on an island where he must rely on fishing, hunting, farming, and making his own beer to exist.

The Queensland Supreme Court has declared that he and his business partners are “trespassers” and that the land should be taken back.

Living alone, Glasheen developed his independence by producing his own food and making his own beer. He still uses an internet trading account to trade equities.

You quickly learn how to survive in the bush, he continued. If not, you’ll pass away quite rapidly.

Broken island lease: Due to Glasheen’s failure to fulfill the terms of his lease, which called for him to construct tourist lodging and fishing facilities, the government has decreed that he must leave Restoration Island, a 1.52 hectare oasis.

I am a lucky guy to be there, it’s a great environment.

‘I have learnt a huge amount. I started to value what is really important. Trust, honesty, respect – simple things.

‘I have learnt that you can do things with very little.’

While he loves his life in paradise, Glasheen does get lonely and several years ago tried internet dating to find ‘Girl Friday’ to live with him. He got hundreds of responses but had no luck in love.

Glasheen said: ‘It gets lonely out here.

‘My only hope is for a mermaid to turn up on the beach.’

Few visitors: Glasheen admits that, with just his dog as company, there are occasions when he feels lonely. However, he does occasionally receive visits from passing kayakers, organic farmers, and yachtsmen.

A girlfriend had initially moved to the island, 1,500 miles from Queensland capital Brisbane, with Glasheen but found life there too difficult.

He is visited occasionally by passing yachtsmen, kayakers and groups of organic farmers.

Australian castaway and Robinson Crusoe David Glasheen and his dog Quasi have been living on a tiny island off the coast of Australia as recluses for for 20 years, but the island’s directors are attempting to remove them.


On behalf of Restoration Island Priory Ltd., Glasheen leased a third of the island from the Australian government for £13,000 per year.

The 43-year license that gave Glasheen access to the island stipulated that he and a business partner would build fishing piers and lodging worth at least £131,000, but they didn’t fulfill this requirement.

Need to leave: The directors of the island have been attempting to evict Glasheen since 2000, but he claims he has “no notion” what he would do if he is forced to leave the island where he has lived for over 20 years.

According to a Supreme Court decision, Glasheen’s removal from the island has been a goal of the island’s directors since 2000.

The defendants wrongfully deprive the plaintiff of its asset for more than ten years, during which time they have benefited from it, the court said.

Glasheen was taught bush survival techniques on the gorgeous island because, according to him, “if you don’t (learn them), you die quite soon.”

Glasheen is thinking about challenging the judgment.

When questioned about what he would do if he had to leave his island home, he said, “I have no clue. I’m still here. I may pass away tomorrow.

Restoration Island got its name because Captain William Bligh discovered provisions that had been abandoned by HMS Bounty mutineers.

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