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A senior in high school takes his great-grandmother, who is 92 years old, to his prom because she is a very significant person to him.

Many high school students look forward to the prom since their first day on campus as freshmen, as one of those remarkable experiences that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Many people, however, are unable to attend their senior prom for a variety of reasons.

Dakota Wollan, senior class president of Watford City High School in Watford City, North Dakota, had no plans to attend the school’s prom. Even though he had classmates he could query, he was not interested.

His father, on the other hand, made an astute idea.

Dakota asked the inquiry to his great-grandmother.

The senior in high school felt it was a fantastic idea, so he created a plan to propose to his 92-year-old great-grandmother.

“She gave me her old pickup, a Ford from 1985, and I got it running again.” “She handed me an old pickup vehicle.” “So I grabbed that truck and fashioned a sign,” he explained to KFYR.

Despite asking a family member, he described being “extremely afraid.”

However, it became evident that he had no need to be concerned because Madeline Miller was overjoyed.

“Before it, I had never been to a prom,” she added.

“I was simply wondering why he would want a 92-year-old lady coming to prom with him when there are so many young girls in the school,” Madeline explained. “I was simply wondering why he would want a 92-year-old person coming to prom with him,” she explained.

It didn’t matter how old Dakota was to him since, according to him, he wouldn’t have been able to attend his last prom if it hadn’t been for his great-grandmother, and his great-grandmother wouldn’t have been able to attend her first prom either. Dakota’s demeanor was timeless.

The two of them were immensely popular at Watford City High School’s senior prom.

Dakota expressed her feelings, saying, “We got out on the floor, and everyone just went wild.”

Madeline’s favorite parts of the dance, in her opinion, were “moving with my great-grandson, listening to this music as we danced, and everybody screaming and chanting.”

This was such a kind gesture on your behalf! I am thrilled to read that the great-grandson and great-grandmother had a fantastic time at the prom.

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