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A teacher intervened when a student was stopped from walking at graduation due to his shoes

Daverius Peters nearly missed his high school graduation due to suspected dress code violations. Fortunately, his teacher was around to save the day.

The Hahnville High School student arrived to his graduation sporting a brand new pair of Alexander McQueen black leather sneakers with white soles.

Daverius was anxious to walk across the stage to receive his graduation, but he was stopped at the door by a school staffer.

Photo by Jima Smith | h/t: CBS News

The faculty member told him he couldn’t enter the building since his shoes were not appropriate for the dress code. Daverius, who felt “humiliated” when the employee shut the door in his face, realized what this meant: he’d miss his own graduation.

Students had to wear dark-colored dress shoes and were not permitted to wear slippers, athletic shoes, or open-toed footwear. With these restrictions in place, he thought his shoes fit the bill.

Daverius was at a loss for what to do and was relieved to see a friendly face. John Butler, his high school teacher, was also waiting for his wife outside. Mr. Butler, a paraeducator, had mentored him multiple times during his high school years.


Daverius rushed up to Mr. Butler and informed him of his predicament. Mr. Butler was perplexed and led the youngster back to the door, trying to clear up the confusion. But, unfortunately, the staff stayed firm and refused to let Daverius into the venue.

Mr. Butler realized there was only one solution to this situation at that instant.

Daverius borrowed the size 11 shoes from the high school teacher. They were two sizes larger, but with only a few minutes before the ceremony, the student accepted gracefully.

“I was asking him, your daughter is graduating with me; how will you watch her?” Daverius stated this. “He said I’m walking in barefoot.” And that is just what he did. Mr. Butler attended the event wearing only his socks, but he thought it was worth the small discomfort.

“You don’t stop a kid from obtaining his high school diploma, which is already the most important moment in their life at that time, for something as trivial as shoes — and that’s exactly what was about to happen,” he explained.


Daverius admits to being uncomfortable as he shuffled across the stage with oversize shoes. He did, however, feel wonderful as everyone yelled his name as he walked to the other side of the stage.

His mother, Jima Smith, was taken aback by his brown shoes and had no idea it was her son. She, too, had no idea what had occurred until Daverius recently informed her.

“We didn’t believe it was Daverius. “When we looked up, he was sliding across the stage, and I was thinking, oh my gosh, I missed it,” she recalled. “An idea struck me, and where are his shoes?” “Whose shoes is he wearing?”

When Jima recalled the event, she recalled her older son telling her about a “mad man” who attended the graduation without shoes. The family had no idea at the time that the same man was the reason Daverius was able to walk across the platform and accept his diploma.

Screenshot | h/t: CBS News

Jima appreciates her son’s high school teacher stepping in when he was in need.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you’ve done to keep this day from being entirely taken away from us,” she added.

St. Charles Parish Public Schools’ director of public information, Stevie Crovetto, told CNN in a statement that they are seeking to make the graduation dress code more inclusive.

This high school student didn’t miss one of the most crucial events of his life because of Mr. Butler’s generosity and quick thinking!

Mr. Butler and other educators ought to be recognized. Please spread the word about his selfless gesture.

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