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A veteran of World War II celebrates his 104th birthday on the golf course Happy Birthday from everyone who knows you

A birthday party is a joy for everyone, but turning 100 is certainly a cause for celebration.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, George McInally, a WWII veteran, celebrated his 103rd birthday quietly last year.

His family made sure he made up for it this year by taking him to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he could do what he loves most: golf.

George played golf for the last time on his 100th birthday, but he wanted to visit the links and ride around the course again this year.

His family joined him in commemorating the historic occasion by donning “104” t-shirts. George will return to his Clearwater home the following week.

The Michigan native served in the Pacific and piloted airplanes for the United States Army Air Forces.

“I joined the Air Force in April 1941.” I went to college at New York University’s Guggenheim School of Aeronautics. I completed pilot training and spent five years in the Air Force. Although it was an amazing experience, I would not recommend it… Last year, on his 103rd birthday, George told Fox News, “War for the experience.”

“Be healthy and seek information.”

Even the gallant veteran’s glider missions through hazardous territory. He remembers going to school in New York and landing in Tokyo, knowing the war was over, as two of his many good memories.

One of my favorite memories is of going to school in Newark, New York City. Subway sandwiches cost one nickel. He said, “The cent was for the boat to Staten Island.”

George, who lived with his wife Hazel for 70 years and had three children, owes his long life to dancing, having fun, and drinking scotch. His advice to young people is to be active and go to college.

Today is George’s 50th birthday, and I hope he spends it on the golf course with his loved ones. Share this story to help us wish him continued success.

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