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A Woman Delivered A Baby Girl At An Altitude Of 42000 Ft On Turkish Airlines Pictures Surface On Twitter

When Nafi Diaby went into labor mid-flight at an altitude of 12,800 meters, it was more than just an ordinary journey for everyone on board the Turkish carrier. The labor discomfort grew during the journey, and the cabin attendants remained proactive in assisting the 28-week pregnant Nafi Diaby.

The cabin crew rushed to help the mother, Nafi Diaby, and deliver her baby. To make the ride as comfortable as possible, the flight attendants made the most of the plane’s available seats.

(Image courtesy of Turkish Airlines)

Flight attendant Bouthayna Inanir said she originally assumed the woman was having a miscarriage. When she saw the infant, she knew she had to assist. Inanir, a cabin crew member, stated that she had to grab the infant and pass it back to her mother.

The airlines issued a statement on Twitter to share the wonderful news about the infant. They also shared pictures of the baby with the flight crew. When the woman and her kid arrive at Ouagadougou Airport, they are receiving medical attention. The woman and her child are both in good health.

(Image courtesy of Turkish Airlines)

Most airlines allow pregnant women who are at least 28 weeks pregnant to fly up to the 36th trimester. According to Turkish Airlines, pregnant women can travel with a doctor’s report declaring that they are fit to fly. Even if they have approval, they will be unable to travel after that.

(Image courtesy of Turkish Airlines)

People all across the world hailed the flight crew and the woman for their efforts. They also praised the infant for being delivered early. Some folks were also taken aback by the baby’s birthplace. The curious internet users then inquired as to the child’s nationality.

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