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Actor Henry Winkler Stepped Up To Care For His Mom In Her Final Years Despite Tough Childhood

Despite his difficult beginnings, actor Henry Winkler stood up to care for his mother in her dying years. Henry, known for roles such as Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli in “Happy Days” and Stanley Yelnats III in “Holes,” learned to make people laugh after leaving home.

He was reared by two parents who encouraged education and hard work. His parents had wounds from the deaths of their parents in extermination camps, and his mother and father had fled.

Any happiness and joy Henry sought to generate were overwhelmed by these awful truths. Growing up, Henry was drawn to comedy and laughing. He suffered in school at the same time since neither his parents nor he understood he had a learning issue.

Despite these unknown facts, Henry did the best he could given the circumstances of his life.

Actor Henry Winkler Recalls Tough Childhood

In a previous GodUpdates piece, Henry Winkler discussed his familial troubles as a child. He described how his parents dubbed him “Dumm Hund” and grounded him in his room for his humorous performances in the hopes that he would study more in school. Despite his traumatic background, Henry sought solace in the arts of acting and comedy.

Henry accomplished something no one expected after a brilliant career in acting and television. He set aside his emotions and painful childhood experiences to care for his dying mother.

Henry Winkler had sympathy, love, and respect for his mother. He could only recollect a few occasions when he saw his mother pleased. “Once because we tickled her into a closet,” he recounted. The second time we were traveling, she was in the back seat, reading an article about some ridiculous innovation, and she thought it was hilarious.”

When we are dealing with childhood trauma and grief, we naturally wish to remove toxic or unpleasant family members from our lives. We don’t want to be reminded of the memories or the negative. But Henry did exactly the reverse. He embraced his mother wholeheartedly.

The Bible instructs us to love people who are sinners. God gives no credit for displaying love to those who love you. Instead, we are expected to love those who are difficult to love. That’s exactly what Henry did. As his mother’s health deteriorated, Henry abandoned his job to care for her.

He was aware that she required his assistance. Henry was also aware that she needed to experience love, joy, compassion, respect, and kindness.

Henry Winkler Cares For His Elderly Mom

When his mother couldn’t love herself, actor Henry Winkler adored her. When she couldn’t care for herself, he adored her. He also took the time to listen when no one else was. Henry loved her in the same manner that he longed to be loved as a youngster.

Can you image how therapeutic it must have been for actor Henry Winkler and his mother to traverse the last decade of his mother’s life in a way that Jesus would love us? It’s simply wonderful.

God does not call us to accept abuse or to be doormats. The Bible instructs us to set limits with difficult individuals, and the Lord instructs us to love and respect our parents. In the final moments of his mother’s life, Henry served as Jesus’ hands and feet. What a beautiful and kind way to adore someone.

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