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After three years apart two gorilla brothers emotionally reunite

This lovely reunion of two gorilla brothers after almost three years apart is taking place. The two primates were split up when one of them was sent to another zoo for a breeding program. Now that they have reunited, they are both seen having a great time at the UK’s Longleat Safari Park.

Image: YouTube/ABC News

When the two brothers finally met, everyone at the zoo was taken aback. Initially, staff members were concerned that they wouldn’t know one another. On video, Kesho and his younger brother Alf are seen giving each other hugs and shaking hands as though they had missed one other terribly. The two brothers even appear to be sharing a joke at the same time!

Image: YouTube/ABC News

The minute the brothers met, you could instantly see the identification in their eyes, according to gorilla keeper Mark Tye. “We weren’t quite confident that the brothers would even recognise each other,” he added. They were really enthusiastic, and the floor was getting a lot of rough and tumble.

Image: YouTube/ABC News

The odd event caught them off guard since silverback gorillas seldom experience situations of this nature. Gorilla males, territorial creatures, are very combative with one another despite being related.

Image: YouTube/ABC News

That kind of infantile behavior in a silverback is exceptional, according to Tye. “Having an older brother to look up to and learn from is wonderful for Alf, and Kesho appears to like being the center of attention. The sight was quite pleasant.

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