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After vet bills reached $24K, dog owner is willing to sell his house to keep his beloved dog alive

How far are you willing to go to keep your cherished pet?

Jaxon Feeley, a dog owner from Wigan, claimed he would sell his house to cover his vet fees, which had topped £20,000 ($24,185).

Rambo, Jaxon’s 2-year-old Weimaraner, slipped into hypovolemic shock on January 20.

The body has lost a substantial amount of blood or other fluids, and the heart is unable to pump enough blood to the body.


“She vomited over 30 times during the night, and by Saturday am, we were at the emergency vet.”

Rambo also had stomach sickness, sometimes known as gastroenteritis, which swiftly deteriorated her condition.

She is in the intensive care unit for 10 days, and Jaxon’s first thought is to sell his house to keep Rambo alive.

Jaxon set up a GoFundMe page on January 27 to seek funds for Rambo’s therapy, which costs an arm and a leg.


“Rambo’s insurance protected her up to £6500. “After one week in care, her cost has risen to £11,500,” the page states.

It further stated that he does not know how long Rambo would be kept at the veterinary facility, and that intensive treatment will cost around £1000 per day.

“If the worst happens and Rambo has serious surgery, I need to be able to offer my tiny baby girl the expense of this as well as the aftercare,” Jaxon said on Rambo’s page.

For the first week of her veterinary treatment, Rambo vomited, with the fluid draining back into her lungs.

Her lungs got inflamed, and she suffered severe pneumonia, which finally caused one of her lungs to collapse.


“In the opinion of the vet, Rambo couldn’t have been more unfortunate with what occurred,” he remarked.

Rambo’s lung was regularly drained and the infection was checked as she vomited and hadn’t eaten anything for a week due to her meds.

Rambo’s condition deteriorated when the doctor revealed that an abscess had grown in her lung, necessitating serious surgery to remove.

“However, if it is, which is my worst worry, the risk to Rambo’s life is substantial. “I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t give her the best fighting opportunity to survive this terrible predicament,” Jaxon added.


He sent an update after a week, thanking everyone who gave and shared Rambo’s GoFundMe page. He also claimed that Rambo’s vet bills had topped £20,000.

Jaxon stayed in his car near the vet’s clinic to be closer to Rambo so that she knew he was always waiting for her even if she couldn’t be with him.


“Rambo’s courage and strength are incredible; she will not give up, and neither will I. I won’t leave till she does. I cannot thank you all enough, xxxxx.”

According to The Daily Mail, over 600 people have given to Rambo’s treatment, exceeding Jaxon’s £10,000 objective.

On February 4, Jaxon joyfully announced that Rambo had performed a miracle and returned home.


“Over the last three days, Rambo has performed a miracle; hour by hour, she has increased her oxygen efficiency, begun eating and drinking, her lungs are slowly improving, and we have begun to see her wonderful little personality return,” he explained.

Rambo, according to Jaxon, has developed a schedule of seeing him for a few minutes every four hours, and she knows where to locate him.


After putting her through every test imaginable and observing her incredible recovery over the previous three days, the professionals at the vet’s clinic were astounded by the power of love, presence, and a genuine battle for life.

Jaxon said he was taken aback when the professionals informed him Rambo could go home and that she was well, but that she still needed 24-hour monitoring and medicine since she was still healing.

Nonetheless, they are returning home, as they stated.


He stated that he would never give up on Rambo since she is his little baby who wants to live and be happy with the Feeleys, especially her older brother, Rocky.

Jaxon said there are no words to describe his thanks for everyone’s love, support, and donations, which helped him cover Rambo’s vet fees.

Rambo has convinced Jaxon that “true hope and fight” can get you through the darkest of times.


He stated that life may change in an instant, and that anyone who takes it for granted should look in the mirror, ask themselves some probing questions, and begin fighting for their lives.

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