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As Dying Wish, Man With Cancer Sees His Beloved Horse One Last Time

Kevin Adkins, a cowboy from Kansas, was terminally ill with cancer and wished to see his horse one final time. Fortunately, his dream came true, and he had plenty of time to say farewell to his horse.

Adkins rode his horse named Vic every day for almost 20 years before he was told he had cancer. Vic’s closest companion was his 27-year-old horse. Since Adkins purchased the horse from Jennifer Wadley’s family property, D&J Ranch, they have been unable to be apart.

Image: Youtube

Adkins and Vic have been partners over the years, said Wadley. “It can be drizzling, it might be snowing, or it might be scorching hot. He was constantly there, she claimed. Wadley also saw how well Adkins cared for Vic. He made sure his horse was always well-groomed and spent time with him every chance he had.

Adkins still showed Vic a lot of love despite his condition. He would spend hours watching Vic to make sure he was doing well, even though he was unable to care for him as well as he once did when he was a healthy cowboy.

Image: Youtube

Adkins demonstrated to everyone that not even a disease could keep him from his beloved equine companion. He tried to spend as much time as he could with Vic, creating memories he would treasure forever.

Adkins, however, didn’t see Vic for several weeks after being admitted to the hospital. Adkins realized he didn’t have much time left as he felt alone and helpless. After three years of fighting cancer, he was on his last days.

Adkins had one last wish: to be with his beloved horse, Vic, before he passed away. He couldn’t fathom saying farewell to the world without seeing Vic one final time since he had grown so devoted to his horse.

Image: Youtube

Delaney discussed her father’s last desire with the ranch’s proprietor in order to fulfill it. Adkins next encountered his horse in January. He petted and nourished his devoted companion with love and admiration.

Wadley gushed about how touching it was to see Adkins and Vic reunite. I assume he knew,” she remarked. I believe what made it so powerful was seeing Kevin riding his horse. He was obsessed with his horse. It moved me a lot.

A video of this heartwarming scene was caught, demonstrating how much the cowboy and his horse missed one another. The two shared a few more precious moments before saying their sad goodbyes.

Image: Youtube

Adkins died away the next day after having his dying desire granted. It seems as though he was only waiting to see his horse once more before departing from this world without any regrets. Vic served as an honorary pallbearer during Adkins’ funeral, which was place on February 15 last year.

During this difficult time, our hearts go out to Kevin Adkins’ family and friends. Let him now find serenity.

Watch the video below to see Adkins and Vic’s touching reunion. Additionally, tell any animal lovers you know about this heartwarming tale.

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