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Barbra Streisand & James Brolin Fell In Love After 50 – 24 Years Later They Still Hold hands & Go on Dates like Teens

After 24 years of blissful marriage, James Brolin and Barbara Streisand still act like young lovers when they are with one another. Honest communication is the key to their long-lasting union, but they also made choices that would never have an impact on their union afterward.

The prosperous couple of Barbara Streisand and James Brolin, who have been married for 24 years, are also recognized for the fact that, even after all these years, their union still has the feel of a young couple in love.

Brolin did not resemble the guy Streisand had imagined when the two first met on a blind date, according to Streisand. The singer was shocked to encounter a man who was bald when she assumed she was seeing a man with a full head of hair and a beard.

Streisand was unable to restrain herself and bluntly informed her date that his hair was a disaster. Her remark did not turn Brolin off, but rather it was what let him understand he had met the one.

Brolin fell in love with him right away, but Streisand didn’t feel the same way about him right away. Eventually, the two actors’ love only grew deeper, and in 1998, they got married.

Streisand has a son, Jason, with Elliot Gould, with whom she was previously married from 1961 until 1973, before she wed Brolin. Brolin was married twice, first for 20 years to casting director Jane Agee and subsequently for another ten years to Jane Smithers.

Josh, Jess, and Molly Brolin are three of Brolin’s children from prior marriages. Eden, Trevor, Westlyn, and Chapel are his four grandchildren.

The actor expressed his gratitude for having Streisand in his life and his want to spend more time with her. Every night is a new adventure, he even admitted. It is a waste of time to sleep. I’m really excited to see her in the morning.

Brolin revealed in his CBS interview that they spoke on the phone for three to five hours while he was filming in the Philippines. They used a payphone, which cost $5 each minute, because cell phones weren’t very common at the time. Even Brolin made light of the fact that he most likely paid his whole salary to talk to his wife.

The actor responded, “Teenage trash,” when asked what they had spoken about for so long. With every phone contact, he could see Streisand being swept up in their discourse and doing all kinds of irrational things. His relationship with Streisand actually felt like an adolescent dream.

Although Streisand and Brolin are happily married and in love, not everyone believed the pair would remain together. Brolin made fun of the fact that their ex-partner was the first to have any doubts, but 24 years later, they are still in paradise.

Brolin bragged about him and Streisand only becoming closer in love even amid the trying confinement that may have terminated other couples.

In fact, Brolin and Streisand had given up hope that they would ever find love again. But once they met, every day became unreal, and the pair still cannot comprehend how fortunate they are.

Combining Their Families Perfectly – The wedding of Streisand and Brolin was hailed as one of the most exquisite. When they saw their love, John Travolta and his deceased wife Kelly Preston reportedly started crying.

As he hugged his parents, kids, and grandkids, the “Westworld” star, who was also overcome with emotion, declared it to be the best day of his life.

The couple’s garden is a fantasy, complete with flowing water and lovely flowers. Brolin credited his wife with placing each bloom there deliberately. In spite of the backyard’s picturesque appearance, Brolin proudly claimed that it was all real.

It took Streisand eleven years to finally acquire their home, despite her longstanding desire to do so. Every inch of it was meticulously planned by the hitmaker to be her husband and their dog’s ideal house.

How James Brolin and Barbara Streisand interact Keep the Fire Burning

Both Streisand and Brolin have flourishing professional lives, and the actor is pleased to be associated with a strong woman. Brolin disclosed that he and his wife had made the decision to establish separate bank accounts as a result.

Although some people would find it surprising, the actor justified it by saying that because this was his third marriage, he did not want to have anything that might cause a further divorce.

Brolin said that having a therapist who can act as a “referee” as they work through their issues was one of the most crucial things he established in his marriage. Because of this, he boldly acknowledged that he and Streisand had successfully uncovered the truth.

Even after more than 20 years, there is still much mystery surrounding the couple’s marriage. When he returns home, Brolin said, he’s always in for a surprise. He will receive a surprise gift when he returns after receiving a text message from Streisand telling him to hurry.

He enjoys expressing his gratitude to his wife because he is always treated properly. The actor claimed that by sometimes giving Streisand a piece of jewelry, he keeps his surprises fresh. Brolin acknowledged that his wife is picky about her jewels and that his selections were hit or miss.

Along with giving one another gifts, the pair enjoys going on dates and doing other fun things together. Streisand was once seen with a bunch of red roses and looking as stunning as ever for her romantic rendezvous with Brolin in Italy.

The duo enjoys swimming as a couple and does it to stay in shape. After that, they relax in the sauna and take an ice bath to chill off.

Additionally, the pair enjoys becoming grandparents. Streisand expressed how thrilled she and Brolin were to spend time with their granddaughter Westlyn by posting a sweet photo of them together. In addition, Streisand shared a sweet photo of Westlyn eating from her grandma while sitting inside a kitchen drawer.

The singer shared a photo of Westlyn playing with her hat in another post, along with a fascinating statistic. She said that “hat” was one of Jason’s and Westlyn’s first words.

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