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Before Passing Away, The Patient’s Final Request Is To Visit His Dog One Last Time

Under the watchful eye of medical personnel, 69-year-old Johnny was sent to the Veterans Hospital when his health deteriorated as a result of his sickness.

Patch the dog was his sole company, and he was constantly concerned for his pal. When he departs, what will happen to him?

The US Animal Welfare Association looked after the dog while John was in the hospital.

Dogs often care for ailing dogs, according to association spokesperson Adam Ritchie, but this was a unique circumstance since John didn’t have the time. He was aware of it.

They made every effort to grant John’s request even though his condition was unavoidable.

When John noticed Patch arrive, his eyes glistened. They were both overjoyed to see each other again!

John gave him a tender embrace and loving caress while speaking kind words to him.

“Yes, I’m your father; are you happy to see me? ” And I’m pleased to see you, too,” John told his cherished dog.

His cheeks and neck were licked. They got the chance to bid each other farewell, and they did so.

It was an extremely joyful and sorrowful time. Johnny was reassured by everyone that Patch would have a contented home.

Many people wanted to believe this news as soon as it surfaced on Facebook.

The animal refuge was assisted by Robert Candelaria, a fellow Navy veteran. He was inspired to get a dog after listening to John’s tale.


Robert remarked, “I promised Patch he wouldn’t spend a day in the orphanage. Now Johnny, his cherished dog, has a new family.

Every day, Robert paid a visit to John in the hospital. He completed the journey!

Robert reports that Patch is now content in his new home and that he has already gotten along well with his family.

John has departed. He enjoyed to see the dog; it was his last request, and he was at peace knowing that his companion would be in good hands until his final days were spent with another veteran.

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