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Boy singing to baby brother with Down syndrome melts many hearts: ‘Aren’t we all different’

Nicole Powell was worried that her older children would be “ashamed” of her youngest son Tripp after he was born with Down syndrome. But as it turned out, she needn’t have worried, as evidenced by a priceless scene she recorded on video.


Her second son, Rayce, who was six years old at the time and can be seen in the video sitting on the bed holding Tripp, a six-week-old baby, in his arms.

Rayce starts to serenade his younger brother while “10,000 Hours” by Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber is playing in the background.


I’d put in 10,000 hours and 10,000 more, if that’s what it takes to master that lovely heart of yours, he sung. I may never succeed, but I’m going to try. I’m going to adore you whether it takes 10,000 hours or the rest of my life.

Nicole posted the cute video on Facebook in December 2019, and it has now received 3.8 million views.


The mother of five revealed in the caption that Tripp and Rayce became close because of Rayce’s constant singing to him. The youngster tells her that the song is about him and his brother, not realizing that it is actually about a husband and wife.


As Rayce puts it, “Love doesn’t count chromosomes, or aren’t we all different?” The caption was written by Nicole, a police officer in Cabot, Arkansas.


For her husband JJ, Nicole filmed the video on her phone. But Rayce and Tripp’s relationship was too priceless to keep to herself, so she made the choice to broadcast the video on social media.

Nicole described the response to her video as “wonderful.” “I had questioned our motivation—why we now have a child with Down syndrome. I believe it may have been to spread love and awareness.


“People are so afraid of what may occur. But he’s the best,” she said. “It’s quite awful, but motherhood is frightful in general. My sons have made me so happy.


Tripp spent a month in the NICU following his birth on November 21, 2019, during which time his entire family paid him daily visits. He eventually received permission to return home on Christmas Eve.

During scans, Nicole and JJ learned that Tripp would probably be born with Down syndrome. Despite medical advice to do so, they refused to discontinue the pregnancy.

Nicole said that at first they were concerned about the circumstance since she was ignorant of Down syndrome and hadn’t been around anybody who had it.


She also worried about how her other children would treat their younger sibling.


She remarked, “I simply want them to love him the same way they love each other since I have four other children and they all adore each other.”

The parents told their children about the problem early on. Despite their limited knowledge, they shared what they had discovered with them.

We explained to them that while he will change, he will still be your brother. In response, the lads said, “But we’re all different.” And we said, “Okay, this will be okay, “” Nicole remarked.


In addition to Rayce’s inherent sweetness, Nicole and JJ’s efforts to educate their children about Down syndrome played a critical role in the kids’ acceptance of their younger sibling. They unquestionably excelled as parents by educating their children to show compassion to everyone, including those who are different from them.


Even now, at the age of two, Tripp still has a special affinity with Rayce and his siblings. You may follow TeamTripp on Facebook if you’d want to stay up to speed with his most recent life happenings.

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