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Bride’s Father Invites Her Stepdad to Walk Her Down the Aisle With Him ‘Felt So Honored’

To make their daughter’s wedding even more unforgettable, the bride’s father invited the stepfather to accompany them down the aisle.

Bride Kelsey Griffith, 27, of Birmingham, Alabama, was accompanied by father Jerry Ellenburg, 55, but he knew stepfather Andy Wallace, 60, was also an important part of her life and invited him to participate.

“He was crying and emotional,” Kelsey explained. “He had no clue that was going to happen, and he felt so honored to be a part of our wedding day. It demonstrated how a mixed family can coexist and thrive.


“Both of my fathers have always been there for me in a variety of ways. “I’m very delighted my father enjoyed such a special time with my stepfather.”

Kelsey and her husband, Zac Griffith, 29, met nine years ago and were engaged in February 2019 on a golf course.

They ultimately scheduled their wedding for May 1 this year at a manor estate in Westover, Alabama, after having to postpone it due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Kelsey’s parents split when she was seven years old, and her mother met her stepfather three years later.


“They married when I was 13, so I grew up with my stepdad as well,” Kelsey explained. “Throughout my childhood, I have had a wonderful relationship with both my father and stepfather.

“My friends were usually amazed to hear how nicely my fathers get along. They play golf together, and my father is always present at all of our holidays and birthdays.”

Jerry informed his daughter about his intention to ask Andy up to join them for the rehearsal, and how he wanted to make it a surprise.


“I was worried and eager because I wanted to make sure everything went smoothly, but I was also excited to watch Andy’s response,” she explained.

“I honestly believed my stepdad may figure it out since we set them at a random position in the center so he could still walk most of the way with us.

“Once he started walking with us, my mother went to the front row.”


When it was time for Kelsey to go down the aisle, Jerry approached Andy and asked him to join them, which brought him to tears.

“We got to hear afterwards how astonished my stepdad was and how grateful he was to my dad for including him,” Kelsey added.

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