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Bullies laughed at their daughter’s face – but watch her 25 years later

when she silenced all of her detractors Lizzie Velasquez noticed she was different when she started kindergarten. Furthermore, this was her first experience with bullying. Lizzie Velasquez weighed just one pound when she was born in 1989.

2 pounds, and her face stood out from the other newborns in the maternity ward. Doctors diagnosed her with Marfan Syndrome, an exceedingly rare transmissible transmissible illness that only a small percentage of the world’s population suffers from. The condition prevents abdominous from collecting in Lizzie’s body, and she is unable to accumulate dialect weight. This causes her to age faster than those who do not suffer from the sickness, and she remains blind in one eye.

Lizzie was made fun of in kindergarten, and she was informed that her face was ‘disgusting’ throughout her youth. “At the moment, I was thinking about how everyone looked at me. “I didn’t differentiate or be acquainted because they didn’t contemplate according to me,” she explained. Lizzie, on the other hand, had the lowest level of bullying when she was 16 years old. She was browsing the internet one day after another when she came upon a fantastic clip on YouTube. A disgruntled individual made a tape about her and posted it online. The creator of the film, which quickly got billions of views, labeled her “the ugliest female in the world” ball-bust and horrible little chat for all to hear.

Lizzie claimed that when she viewed the video, the world around her crumbled. She examined each of the aversions, and there was no unmarry wellcommunication about her. It is insane to be persuaded of how thousands of people are able to sit behindhand their computer and function according to effective intimidators in connection to a 16-year-old female suffering from a terminal disease.

How do these people manage to get to sleep at night? She is more powerful than her detractors. This destination would be difficult to digest for the vast majority of the general people. Lizzie, on the other hand, is not, according to most people. She demonstrated her strength to all her detractors. Lizzie is now a successful businesswoman at the age of 28.

She goes all over the world, disquisitioning the community about her illness and life. She has a YouTube watercourse with over 700,000 followers, and she has implemented its campaign to combat violent bullying. “That is my goal. That’s all I’ve got for the rest of my life.

“I want to be convinced that I’m not only influencing my tale, but that I’m influencing everyone’s story,” Lizzie remarked. All of the trolls and haters who wrote negative things about Lizzie were unable to bring her down.

Lizzie has demonstrated to them that she is far more powerful than they are – that she is far more exceptional now than they will ever be. Lizzie has a popular book about her life, a university diploma, and an outstanding family and profession.

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