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Caring goose waits outside hospital door while her mate undergoes life-saving surgery

A heartwarming sight of a worried goose waiting outside a vet facility as her lifelong lover undergoes surgery has been captured on video. At the Cape Wildlife Center in Massachusetts, the event took place!

Volunteers at the Cape facility got concerned when they saw one of the geese who dwell in the area’s pond unable to walk. So they made the decision to bring the male geese, named Arnold, inside their facility for additional inspection. The geese suffered a foot injury, and the veterinarian’s fears about his safety turned out to be well-founded. Arnold could only be saved by surgery!

We realized we had to operate on his foot in order to save the foot and give him a shot at survival, Cape Wildlife Center posted on Facebook. “Our best hypothesis is that he was hurt while swimming by a snapping turtle or another animal. Therefore, we gave him antibiotics and painkillers and fasted him in preparation for surgery the next morning.

Arnold’s illness, it turned out, had raised concerns among other medical professionals as well. A strange guest was waiting outside the door as the medical staff was getting ready for operation. The vets identified the second goose sitting there right away as Arnold’s lifelong partner. The goose seemed to have found her boyfriend and accompanied him to be at his side through these trying times.

The facility said, “We just heard a faint tapping at the clinic door. “When we turned around, his companion was trying to break into our clinic after lumbering up onto the porch. She had discovered where he was.

Throughout the process, Arnold’s sweetheart worriedly stood in front of the door. Fortunately, the doctors performed a fantastic job, and the procedure went well. Soon after finishing their work, they unlocked the door to allow the two geese to rejoin.

She watched us work for the whole of the process, never leaving the doorway, they reported. In each other’s company, they both appeared to be considerably more at ease.

Arnold must remain at the facility for a little while longer, but the staff is hoping he will get better quickly so he may visit his loving sweetheart. The Cape Wildlife Center article states that “We will try our best to get him back out as soon as possible and will perform bandage changes and treatments in view of the doorway when feasible so that his mate may check on him.”

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