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Chuck Norris gave up his entire career to care for his sick wife – he will always call her his ‘best friend’

Chuck Norris – family, wife, children

“I believe that Kickstart is one of God’s intentions for me and Gina,” Norris stated. “We deal with kids who are already on the wrong track, who have two strikes against them, inner-city kids who have no self-esteem. And our Kickstart program, which focuses on developing strong moral character in our young via martial arts, is a chance for us to give back.”

Chuck married his high school love, Dianne Holechek, in 1958, as previously stated. They were married until 1988 and had two children, Mike and Eric.

Chuck then went on a date in a Dallas restaurant in 1997. But it was another woman who drew his attention. Gena O’Kelley was that woman, and the two began dating shortly after. Chuck and Gina married in 1998 and are still completely in love. Chuck turned to Facebook to pay tribute to his wife, whom he refers to as his best friend, on their 20th anniversary.

“I met the love of my life 22 years ago. And we are currently enjoying our 20th wedding anniversary,” Norris stated.

“Gena… Thank you for being not just the finest wife a guy could wish for, but also the best mother and friend. I adore you, Gena, and look forward to many more years together.”

Danielle and Dakota Norris are Gena and Chuck Norris’s two children. However, their lives were flipped upside down approximately a decade ago.

Gave up his film career to take care of ill wife

Gena’s health has deteriorated since then. According to accounts, she had an injection in 2013. Something felt strange very immediately, according to Gena.

“Within hours of the initial shot, I felt like my entire body was on fire – as if acid had been sent through it. At first, the fire was contained, but it quickly spread… I was basically lying in bed on an IV for five months and had round-the-clock nursing care. Chuck slept on the couch near me and never got up. “I prayed that I would survive to see my children grow up,” she said.

Gena has had nerve pain and renal difficulties since then. They suspect she was poisoned by a substance that was repeatedly administered into her during magnetic resonance imaging examinations (MRI).


In their quest for justice, Gena and Chuck have publicly sued 11 healthcare corporations.

Gena has required care ever then, and her husband has always been there for her. In fact, he gave up all else to devote his complete attention to his wife. The pair claims to have spent about $2 million on treatments alone.

“I’ve given up my film career to focus on Gena; my entire life right now is dedicated to keeping her alive,” Chuck explained. “I feel this is a critical problem.”


“It’s irritating and upsetting,” remarked Gena. “It’s a horrible, ugly secret that has gone unnoticed, and Chuck and I are determined to alter that.”

We wish Chuck Norris and Gena the best of luck in their future endeavors. Hopefully, she will recover completely shortly.

Chuck Norris appears to be a wonderful spouse and parent. To commemorate him, please share this story on Facebook with your friends and family.

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