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Couple who recently celebrated their 79th wedding anniversary, reveal the secret to their long-lasting love.

Hubert and June Malicote, who will be 100 years old next month, have been married since they were 20 and have never had a fight. (Their 70-year-old daughter, Jo, confirms this!)

“We didn’t have it easy, but we would never do anything to damage one other,” Hubert told TODAY Parents. According to the WWII veteran, a fast time-out is an effective approach to de-escalate tension.

Hubert built the Hamilton, Ohio, home that he and June have lived in for more than 68 years.Courtesy Annie Klenk

“If there’s a debate, you might have to go away for a few minutes,” Hubert added. “Then you return and change the subject or figure things out.”

June has had multiple strokes in recent years, making it difficult for her to communicate. But June and Hubert’s routine has remained unchanged. Every night for supper, they watch an old western, and they always kiss before going to bed.

The Malicotes, who met at Church when they were 19, say they have never had a quarrel.Courtesy Annie Klenk

“I place Mom in her wheelchair next to where Dad is seated, and they hold hands and kiss each other goodbye,” daughter Jo told TODAY. “In the morning, they are overjoyed to see each other. They greet one other with enormous smiles.”

Hubert can’t picture his life without June. The couple, who had three daughters, seven children, and eleven great-grandchildren, have seen it all, from the Great Depression to Covid.

Hubert told TODAY that he admires June’s “abilities as a mother, wife and homemaker.” He also appreciates her “independent nature.”Courtesy Annie Klenk

“It’s almost as though if we’re not together, the team is shattered,” Hubert explained.

Hubert mentioned that he and June don’t have weekly date evenings since they just enjoy one other’s company. He stated that going through the biggest economic collapse in American history has made them appreciative for what they have.

“We’ve never gone out much.” “When the kids were smaller, we were content to sit around the table and tell stories about our days,” he remarked. “We’ve had a fantastic life.”

June will turn 100 on July 13th, and Hubert will turn 100 on July 23rd. They’ll have a combined birthday party complete with a backyard church ceremony.

“We’ll simply praise God and thank him for all of the benefits he’s placed on this family for a century,” Jo added.


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