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Devoted Grandpa Builds A Cart To Take His Sick Senior Dog On A Walk Every Day

Living in Italy, Tonino Vitale adores his Labrador puppy Dylan more than anything.

Dylan has lived a lengthy life at the age of thirteen. And regrettably, the passage of time has left its imprint on his body.

Vitale took his cherished dog to the veterinarian when he observed that Dylan was losing his energy.

Dylan was given an arthritic diagnosis there.

Unfortunately, arthritis, a disorder that affects the joints, is fairly frequent in older dogs.

Joint stiffness and trouble moving are frequent side effects of arthritis, which causes pain and discomfort in one or more joints.

Dylan’s condition served as a sobering reminder to Vitale that the adorable dog would not live indefinitely.

To make Dylan’s last time on earth as enjoyable as possible, Vitale made the decision to start taking him on a special stroll every day.

Dylan’s arthritis was making it too uncomfortable and taxing for him to go on a lengthy walk by himself, but Vitale had a plan.

Vitale constructed a wagon for Dylan to lie on, then moved Dylan and the wagon about so the dog could take in the sights.

One of Vitale’s neighbors was able to capture the couple on camera after noticing how much she and her pet loved and cared for one other.

Source : justsomething

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