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Everyone in the family takes turns sleeping on the couch with their old dog

Our dogs slow down as they become older, but we do everything we can to make sure they are happy and comfortable in their golden years.

However, one family altered their sleep routines to ensure that their elderly dog felt cherished.

Spike is a 14-year-old English springer spaniel. He can’t move about as well as he used to, like other senior dogs. He had just suffered his second stroke, making it difficult for him to utilize the stairs.

Because of this, Spike was unable to perform one of his favorite things: sleep in bed with his family, which he has done since he was a puppy.

Spike’s owner, Catherine Morris, told The Dodo, “The first night we had him, we shut the stair gate and went to bed.” “He moaned for a few moments before leaping over the fence in the dark, trotting into my parents’ room, and leaping directly onto the bed!” And he slept there ever since.”

Spike couldn’t get to his favorite area anymore because their bedroom was on the second story. Even though he was weakening, he persisted, and his family had to barricade the stairs to stop him.

Instead, they devised an appealing solution: if Spike couldn’t come up and sleep with them, they would sleep downstairs with Spike!


To ensure the aging dog still has someone to talk to, family members take turns setting up the pull-out couch and sleeping downstairs with Spike.

Catherine returned home from college to discover that her parents had rearranged their sleeping arrangements. This, however, did not surprise her because they had always been close to Spike.

“They can’t be separated at all,” Catherine told The Dodo. “My father refers to him as a “old bean,” and the two frequently converse.”

“My father will also bring Spike’s water and food to the couch and hand-feed him to ensure he takes his medicine and stays strong.”

Spike isn’t as young as he once was, but his family’s affection for him hasn’t changed.

This gesture of goodwill demonstrates that they will go to any length to make Spike’s final years as enjoyable as possible.

“We love our old buddy so much and are grateful to have him in our life,” Catherine added. “We believe that by showering him with affection, we’ve made up for his difficult start in life.”

People often go to great lengths to make their dogs happy. Thank you for looking after their elderly dog for this family.

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