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Farmer Installs Two 22-Foot Tornado Fighter Jet Fuel Tanks Outside His House to Help Confused Postmen

A crazy farmer has built two 22-foot Tornado fighter jet fuel tanks outside his house to help lost mailmen locate his place.

Matt Thompson, 40, was fed up with missing letters and parcels that were wrongly sent to seven nearby properties in Ulceby, Lincolnshire, with the same postcode.

“We live in a distant rural region, and there are seven other residences with the same postcode within a mile radius,” the lone farmer explained. “I seldom have my letters and mail delivered on the first try since posties and delivery vehicles can’t tell my house apart from the others.”


Matt explained that he had been waiting for some mail when the delivery guys enquired whether his house had any unique traits. He devised an amazing technique after becoming irritated that his posts were being sent to other persons in the region.

He obtained two decommissioned Tornado fighter aircraft fuel tanks for 600 pounds (about US$790) and exhibited them outside his front door to draw attention to his residence.

“I was just looking for something that stuck out,” Matt explained. “I couldn’t afford a 9.5-ton howitzer cannon, as one of my friends recommended.”

Matt Thompson with the bomber jet tanks. (SWNS)

Matt discovered the gasoline tanks at a Staffordshire army surplus yard and believed they would fit wonderfully.

“The aluminum tanks weighted around 600kg and were delivered from Stoke-On-Trent to the property,” he explained. “The transport company’s driver stated he got a few strange stares on the way up.”

What was even funnier was that he couldn’t find the property when he arrived.

“Like everyone else, he was using his satnav to find us, which became little troublesome,” he explained. “The issue is that because we live in such a rural region, putting our postcode into the satnav may display one property or another a mile away.”


He now invites individuals and businesses to include references to the 1.2-ton military weaponry on envelopes to assist postmen in delivering to the correct place.

The solitary farmer has never had a mail or parcel go astray since having the gasoline tanks visible outside his home.

Matt Thompson with the bomber jet tanks he keeps in his garden to help delivery drivers. (SWNS)

“They really stick out, which was my aim. “The strategy worked,” Matt added. “Some people rename their houses or install gnomes in their gardens; I put a fighter jet in mine.”

Needless to say, the two tanks have become a notable landmark, and many people now stop to gaze at them.

File photo of an RAF Tornado. (SWNS)

“When you tell people where you live, they ask, ‘Is that where the gasoline tanks are?'” “They’ve become a bit of a local celebrity,” he said.

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