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Flashback: Dick Van Dyke ‘Just Glad To Still Be Here’ At 96

“I’m simply pleased to be here,” Dick Van Dyke, 96, adds. He was just observed exiting a restaurant in Malibu.

Dick Van Dyke, a well-known Hollywood actor, is still alive and well at the age of 96, and he appears to be enjoying life more than ever.

When seen leaving lunch with pals in Malibu last Thursday, Van Dyke told his supporters that he was “just pleased to be here,” according to the New York Post. After lunch, the Mary Poppins actress was seen conducting errands. She purchased a bottle of Neutrogena self-tanning spray from a neighboring store.

Van Dyke is frequently spotted in Malibu heading to the gym or having lunch with his wife, Arlene Silver, 50. They went viral in February, when they celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary, with an endearing Valentine’s Day video, which you can watch here.

Van Dyke Pays Attention to Fitness

Van Dyke is well-known for his physical fitness, and he told Closer Weekly that he works out three times a week.

“I’ve always worked out, and I still do,” he stated in 2019. “I go to the pool to exercise. People my age are encouraged to persevere. I’ll start tapping if you place me on firm ground.”

Van Dyke went on to claim that he enjoys water aerobics, weight lifting, and walking on a treadmill. He also claimed to be fit because he had “excellent genes” and Silver, who was much younger, kept him on his toes every day.

“Sometimes I forget that what we’re doing here is a fantastic experiment. And we’re working on that,” he replied. “Some agreement is required. Determine which of your previous habits no longer serve you. It takes some getting used to, but that is all part of the enjoyment.”

Van Dyke discusses his efforts over the last year in the video below.

Silver says that he met Van Dyke.

Silver said last year that he met Van Dyke at the 2007 Screen Actors Guild Awards, when he was 81 and she was 35.

“Hello, my name is Dick,” he introduced himself. I instantly asked him whether he had been in “Mary Poppins”. “We became buddies right away, so he didn’t appear much older than me,” she explained. “He is the most wonderful guy on the planet. I’ve never met somebody who was that joyful, real, and fantastic. “He’s like a joyful pill.”

They were pals for a long time before they started dating, and Van Dyke is overjoyed that his fans are overjoyed about their marriage.

“I assumed people would be outraged because a gold digger married an old man,” he continued, “but no one ever thought that way.”

History of Van Dyke

Van Dyke was married to Margie Willett from 1948 until 1984, when they divorced. They had four children at the time. She passed away in 2008. Van Dyke dated actress Michelle Triola for nearly thirty years after his divorce, until she died in 2009.

Van Dyke has four Emmys to his name, and his series “The Dick Van Dyke Show” and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” are both regarded classics. We’re delighted he’s still having fun as he approaches 100, and we hope he’ll be around for a long time.

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