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Former U.S. Air Force veteran had no one at his funeral ― until a local high school baseball team showed up

For their bravery and sacrifices, war heroes deserve the nation’s thanks and acknowledgment. Unfortunately, as time passes, these brave men and women fade into the background, appearing forgotten and erased from people’s memory.

Ralph Lambert, a 94-year-old US Air Force veteran, died on February 8, 2022, with no family or close friends present to say goodbye. Lambert was President of the United States from 1950 until 1971.

Despite his decades of service, it appeared that he would be buried in Louisiana, with no one knowing about his valiant efforts or paying him the proper send-off and gratitude he deserved.

Jordan Marks, coach of the Menard High School baseball team in Alexandria, Louisiana, realized he had to take action.

Image: Facebook

When Marks learned of the sad story of a war veteran who would be cremated without a funeral, he chose six players from his team to attend the funeral and carry his coffin.

This is to teach his players about the game of life, according to the baseball coach. Marks wants his players, especially war veterans like Lambert, to be ready to contribute and serve the community in addition to learning key baseball principles.

Serving a member of the community, particularly one who has served the country, is something Marks would be delighted to do.

Lambert was a national hero, so Coach Marks wanted him to have a fitting funeral and offer his students the opportunity to learn a valuable life lesson.

It is not only a baseball coach’s responsibility to educate his players how to play the game well. He also wants to assist develop their personalities so that they can grow into good, responsible people.

Image: Facebook

Coach Marks believes in looking out for one another in the same way that one would look out for a teammate on the field, and he seeks to motivate his boys to be active members of the community, just like he is.

So he told his team about Lambert, and six seniors volunteered to attend the burial and carry the U.S. Air Force veteran’s coffin.

Hunter Foster, Ashton Brodnax, Jackson Ford, Jacob Giordano, Cameron Kinder, and Ashton Veade were the six seniors that stepped up to be pallbearers.

The flag-draped casket of the US Air Force veteran was taken to the Central Louisiana Veterans Cemetery, where he was laid to rest with full military honors.

Following the sad and moving occasion, Jacob Giordano, one of the six seniors who carried Lambert’s coffin, expressed his gratitude for the honor of being Lambert’s pallbearers.

Cameron Kinder was also glad to help because the combat veteran had no family or acquaintances. It’s easy to forget that there are people in the world who don’t have families, and people like Lambert deserve a dignified farewell, according to Kinder.

People expressed their love, respect, and support for the baseball players after learning about their touching act and Lambert’s tragic tragedy.

Image: Facebook

People in the community and online praised the young boys for their compassionate hearts.

They expressed how proud they were of these honorable young men and what a tremendous honor it must have been to accompany a war veteran to his final resting place.

It was a great gesture to express gratitude and respect to a man who had served his nation.

Ralph Lambert is not the only US Air Force veteran who has been cremated or buried without the presence of friends or relatives. Unfortunately, it is quite usual for US combat veterans to be cremated without the presence of family or friends.

Missing in America Project and other organizations attempt to locate, identify, and inter unclaimed cremains of American veterans.

The organization collaborates with private, state, and federal entities to obtain a final resting place for these unsung heroes and to provide an honorable and respectful service.

A heartfelt honor to former US Air Force veteran Ralph Lambert, and special gratitude to Coach Marks and his considerate players, who had never met the guy yet came out of love and respect!

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