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Geraldo Rivera has gone too far; Fox News should get rid of him as soon as possible.

Geraldo Rivera performs a position for Fox News Channel that Megan McCain did for “The View” or Chris Wallace presumably intended to fill for CNN. He’s the network’s mascot, and he disagrees with the majority of hosts in order to make the network appear more balanced.

But it is absurd since Fox News is not a balanced network. Geraldo is a jerk who makes the network seem awful, and the other hosts are furious because everything he says is insane.

This is what Geraldo stated on Twitter when the GOP indicated it would investigate Hunter and Joe Biden:

“When the Republicans win control of the House, the first thing they do is…

Don’t look into measures to reduce inflation, crime, and so forth. They launch an investigation on the President and Hunter Biden. Boring. Divisive. Old and unwanted. Nothing beneficial for Americans’ life.” Is this the true Red Wave?

Absurd. So we’re meant to witness Joe and Hunter rob America right in front of her eyes? We’re not meant to be concerned about what was on Hunter’s laptop, which revealed that he was selling influence abroad. Or that Slow Joe Biden may be in jeopardy because of the folks to whom he was peddling influence?

Geraldo believes that we should simply let things go because bringing the corrupt accountable will “divide” us.

“We also discovered plots in the United States in which the Biden family defrauded investors of hundreds of thousands of dollars with Joe Biden’s assistance and knowledge.”

He also pledged to investigate Hunter’s actions and how engaged Slow Joe was in it all.

“Hunter and other Biden family members have a record of utilizing their ties to the highest levels of government to create money for themselves.

“The American people have a right to know if the President’s business relationships with his family are detrimental to American interests and represent a threat to national security.”

“Our first aim is to obtain the bank documents. We’re trying to stay focused on the question: Was Joe Biden intimately involved in Hunter Biden’s business dealings, and if so, is he tainted? That is what we are investigating.”

So Geraldo wants to put a stop to it. He doesn’t care if Red China took advantage of him or if he did anything illegal. He refuses to investigate because he believes it would “divide” the organization.

It’s beyond time for Fox News to let him go.

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