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Goldie Hawn called Kurt Russell her spouse and showed off wedding ring. But the actor’s reaction was unexpected.

Goldie Hawn has met Kurt Russell, the love of her life, but she has no intentions to marry him. The former child star feels the same way after decades of being together.

Goldie Hawn teased marriage to Kurt Russell during an interview on the now-defunct talk show «The Oprah Winfrey Show» in 1991, while simultaneously stating that marriage was not in their future.


In the interview, Oprah Winfrey stated that Hawn referred to Russell as her husband, implying that they secretly married.

Following applause from the audience, Hawn disclosed that she and the “Sky High” actress held a short ceremony, but she quickly clarified that it was not a wedding ceremony:

«We did have a small ceremony, but it wasn’t a wedding.» No

Russell had been engaged to his fiancée for seven years at the time, and he bought her a sparkling ring (which she wore on her wedding finger) to commemorate their time together.


Hawn said that she did refer to Russell as her husband rather than her lover or boyfriend, that they were still debating what to call one other, and that the term “husband” was suitable.

While many people are curious about when people marry, Winfrey noted that a piece of paper does not define a couple’s love for one another, and Hawn agreed:

«It’s not going to happen. It will not happen. And Kurt and I both agree. If you leave the door open, you’ll never leave, but if you close it with a sense of finality, a lot of things happen to people.»


She went on to say that many people feel as if their life have come to a halt after getting married. «It’s only a piece of paper; it’s a vow, but you take it every day.» You don’t give up after the first time. «You take it every day,» she explained.

Russell expressed something similar in their December 2020 People interview. «For people like us, the marriage certificate wasn’t going to provide us something we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise,» the “Fast and Furious” star explained.

Both long-term partners were previously married. Hawn previously married Gus Trikonis and Bill Hudson, who delivered her two children, Oliver Trikonis and Kate Hudson Hudson. Russell’s only marriage was to Season Hubley, with whom he had a son, Boston, in 1980.


The couple welcomed their son Wyatt Russell into their blended family in 1986. They have seven children between their four children and are not under any pressure to marry in order to be happy.

Unlike them, their children are married, and according to Hawn, Wyatt and Oliver are happily married. Kate, on the other hand, had previously been married but divorced. Marriage, according to Hawn, does not always work.

While she stated that it is acceptable for a marriage to end, the actress emphasized that it is not so much about the institution of marriage as it is about the individuals and the connection, adding that both parties must be willing to remain together.

Russell and Hawn have been together since 1983, but have never married. The couple tempted their Instagram followers with a proposal produced with an antique film in ahead of his 70th birthday in March 2021.


The “Cactus Flower” singer wished her lover a happy birthday in a lovely greeting. In the video, the pair appeared at an awards ceremony years ago and joked about how they were with everything—except getting married.

Hawn approached Russell and inquired, “Is that a proposal?” The Massachusetts native dodged the question, stating she was putting him on the spot but promising to speak with him later. Hawn said in the caption of her Instagram image.

«Happy birthday, sweetie!» What a journey. No, we never married, but one thing has increased through time: our love. «You’re insane: brilliant, charming, infantile, utterly obnoxious, a fantastic father, and terribly humorous.»

At any age, Hawn remarked that she couldn’t imagine her life without Russell. «You’re a catch, and you’re all mine,» concluded the 76-year-old, adding a heart emoji to his message.

The popular couple appeared on «The Ellen DeGeneres Show» to discuss their early years together. When questioned about the first time she saw Russell, Hawn remembers thinking him lovely and recalling:

«I liked how he looked at my children.» It was a one-of-a-kind skill that he possessed. He’s fantastic with kids.


Russell’s traits shocked her, and while she fell in love, “I also fell in love.” Those are fantastic discounts for a resident of Washington, D.C.

While Hawn and Russell are happy in their relationship, Hawn’s daughter has expressed a desire for a happy ending with her child’s father.

Even though marriage has many unknowns, Kate demonstrated her willingness to attempt it again by proposing to Danny Fujikawa in September 2021.

The “Bride Wars” star announced the news on social media, captioned a photo of the couple kissing, “Let’s go,” with the bride and groom emojis.

Sara and Erin Foster, Fujikawa’s stepsisters, introduced the two. While they had known one other for a long time, the couple’s timing was never ideal because he was younger than she was and Kate was thought to be raising a family and working hard at the time.

The couple’s first child, Rani Rose, was born in October 2018 and was named after the musician’s late father. Ryder and Bingham are Kate’s sons from previous marriages.

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