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Grandma, teen become fast friends after he drives miles to return her lost wallet: ‘Now, I have a new friend’

Who would have guessed that a misplaced wallet could spark a friendship between an old woman and a teenager? Dee Harkrider, an old woman from Arkansas, did not expect to make a new friend in the form of a young kid who went out of his way to assist her.


Harkrider, 61, went shopping at Walmart in Forrest City, not realizing she had left her wallet in the parking lot.

Delivontae Johnson, thankfully, discovered it after heading to the shop to replace a tire. Harkider only discovered she had misplaced her wallet when Johnson informed her he was on his way to return it to her.

According to Harkrider, anyone might have picked up her wallet, but she was grateful that it was picked up by a compassionate young guy like Johnson.

He could have just informed the business, she added, but he travelled miles to return it to her in person. “I’m simply overwhelmed,” Harkrider remarked.

Johnson was also grateful for finding the wallet. “I wasn’t meant to be parked there, but thank God I did,” he explained.

He discovered Harkrider’s driving license in her wallet and, knowing how crucial it is to the woman, he attempted to contact her.

Facebook | Delivontae Johnson

He hunted her up on Facebook and, thankfully, located her profile and informed her about her misplaced wallet. He drove straight to her Wynne home.

“I reside in Wynne, but I was just in Palestine. So that young man took a detour and traveled to Palestine to bring me my wallet,” Harkrider explained. They met in the parking lot of a restaurant, and she couldn’t help but hug him.

She also requested a selfie with him to post on Facebook to express her thanks. “I wanted everyone to know what this young man had done for me. “I just wanted to share it,” she explained.

Harkrider thought that fate had brought him and Harkrider together. Anyone may have discovered the wallet, she added, but there’s a risk they wouldn’t return it.

Johnson has just demonstrated that there are still wonderful individuals who like helping others. “God kept an eye on me. He introduced me to this angel. God throws individuals into each other’s lives for a reason.”

Facebook | Dee Harkrider

Harkrider thanked Johnson for all she had done for him with a $20 cash she had in her handbag. Though she wished she could have given him more, Johnson was satisfied.

He is a community college student who expressed gratitude for the gas money. Johnson claims that his mother was also pleased of what he achieved for Harkrider. “She complimented me on my work. “I’m grateful to her for raising me to be the guy I am today.”

Facebook | Dee Harkrider

The episode, according to Johnson, was a “gift in disguise.” His tire blew out on his way to church after striking a pothole. “I once heard from a minister at church that the devil will strike before God begins to bless,” he recalled.

He was relieved that this unwelcome circumstance had led him to meet Harkrider. That day, they not only became a blessing to one other, but they also became friends.

Facebook | Johnson and Harkrider

Harkrider joked with Johnson that he was stuck with her. They are now Facebook buddies and are looking forward to meeting one other again. Harkrider shared a photo of them together and wished Johnson well.

“A buddy told me I was fortunate. I assured her no, that God was keeping an eye on me. Delivontae Johnson, I pray that God blesses you abundantly!! “I’ve made a new friend!”

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