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Grandmother, 56, Who Gave Birth to Son and Daughter-in-Law’s Baby Has Never Felt ‘More Loved’ by Her Husband

Nancy Hauck, who served as a surrogate for her son and his wife, tells PEOPLE, “This experience has genuinely altered us and solidified our connection.”

Nancy Hauck, 56, had not had a child in over two decades when she volunteered to be a surrogate for her son and his wife. Her husband, Jason Hauck, was immediately moved by her selflessness, though he admits he had some reservations. But, after nine months of foot rubs and encouragement, he stood at her side on Nov. 2 when she gave birth to Jeff and Cambria’s daughter Hannah.

Jason and Nancy Hauck with baby Hannah. Photo: SHALLI ALDRED

“The last year has altered me permanently,” Jason, 59, tells PEOPLE. “My feelings for my lovely wife have never been stronger.”

“This experience has truly altered us and solidified our bond,” Nancy agrees.

“I’ve never felt more connected, loved, or understood by Jason,” she adds. “It has elicited the greatest and most noble qualities in each of us.”

Nancy, an associate provost at Utah Tech University, brought up surrogacy for the first time approximately a month and a half after Cambria, 30, had a hysterectomy after the birth of twin sons Diesel and Luca in 2021.

Hauck family. Photo: LAURA SHEPPARD

Despite the fact that her own life was at stake, Cambria admits that the treatment was “a difficult choice.”

It took four years of fertility treatments and IVF for the couple to have their first children, twin girls Vera and Ayva, now four. They were able to fertilize seven embryos in one round, but the couple was aware that having the operation would mean they might not be able to “utilize all of our embryos.”

Jason and Nancy Hauck. Image: SHALLI ALDRED

She adds they eventually “both determined that we would just move forward in trust.”

Nancy told her son, 33, that she didn’t think it was possible because of her age, but she “wanted Jeff to know that I would have been willing to do it.”

When she brought it up with her husband the next day, Jason says he was “very touched,” but ultimately “didn’t think it would be an option” either.

Jeff and Cambria agreed to address it with their reproductive physician at an upcoming appointment a few weeks later. They discovered that surrogacy was not out of the question as long as Nancy was healthy and ready to undertake it.

(L-R) Jason Hauck, Nancy Hauck, Baby Hannah, Cambria Hauck and Jeff Hauck. Photo: SHALLI ALDRED

Although it is “rare for a mother to carry her grandchild,” Dr. Russell Foulk, who supervised and implanted the embryos that resulted in both of Cambria’s pregnancies, as well as her mother-in- law’s, believes that “age is really not the limiting factor.”

“Really, it comes down to health,” he says, explaining that as people become older, they are more likely to develop “more medical problems, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.”

Nancy’s OB-GYN gave her a clean bill of health, so the embryo transfer took place on Feb. 17 — and just six days later, her pregnancy test came back positive.

Of course, Nancy and Jason had reservations.

“While I had the least to risk and sacrifice in our gestational adventure,” Jason says, “the dread that I would lose my wife over her unselfish effort lurked in the back of my mind.”

Meanwhile, Nancy’s “biggest concern was that I would lose the baby and feel as if I had taken a risk for the baby’s life because of my age.”

“But as we began our trek, my concerns faded, and I marveled at her dedication, resilience, and love,” Jason continues.

The couple’s connection grew stronger as a result of the exercise. “As Nancy’s sacrifice took shape, each day seemed like a minor miracle,” Jason adds. “Our bond got stronger, and our love grew stronger. Even a simple touch conveyed affection and acceptance.”

Despite the fact that the couple had five children together, the pregnancy felt very different this time.

“You don’t really appreciate it when you’re young,” he says.

“But now that our children are grown and we have grandchildren, it just means so much more,” he continues.

Despite the fact that the couple had five children together, the pregnancy felt very different this time.

“You don’t really appreciate it when you’re young,” he says.

“But now that our children are grown and we have grandchildren, it just means so much more,” he continues.

The couple developed some bedtime routines as they spent more time together.

“Every night when we’re watching The Great British Baking Show, she gets a foot and leg rub, and just a lot of attention,” Jason explains.

“He’s been incredible,” Jeff says of his father.

While Cambria claims there is “no way that we can truly repay Nancy and Jason for this miracle,” she and her husband serve them supper every week and always volunteer to help clean.

“I’ve never been so spoilt in my life,” Nancy admits.

When the time came for Hannah to arrive, Nancy had her family by her side, encouraging her every step of the way.

Jason Hauck and baby Hannah. Photo: NANCY HAUCK

“I held Nancy’s hand as each of our five beautiful children was born,” Jason adds. “She had a team of support this time, with Jeff and Cambria holding her and assisting her through the contractions.”

“Tenderness and love flooded that delivery room,” he continues.

“Sweet Hannah was born after only three pushes,” he recalls. “She was faultless. She opened her eyes and looked about, her head well formed and full of dark hair.”

Jason believes that, in addition to enhancing his relationship with his wife, his “appreciation for the wonder of life, which we take for granted, has never been higher.”

“What we do, how we live, and how much we love make this life extraordinary,” he continues.


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