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Husband Holds Sign Outside To Show Support For Wife Who Has To Go To Chemotherapy

Albert Conner, Kelly Conner’s husband, remained at her side every step of the way after she received the news that she had breast cancer in January. He thus came up with a novel solution and showed up at the cancer center to encourage her from a safe distance when he learned that he couldn’t be with her during a chemotherapy appointment owing to hospital limitations caused by COVID-19.

Image Credit: Kelly Conner

The father of three drove to the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Sugar Land, Texas, carrying a poster board with the message, “I can’t be with you but i’m here.” It also said “love you” along with a word of thanks to the hardworking hospital staff.

“I didn’t feel right not being a part of it because I had promised her that I would be there every step of the way and I felt like I would be breaking my word,” Albert Conner, 44, told Good Morning America. “I just got a poster board and our kids and I colored it.”

For Kelly, 40, who assumed her husband had stayed at home in Missouri City, Texas, the gesture came as a lovely surprise. She assured Albert that she would be fine travelling by herself and drove alone that day to the oncology facility. He texted her while she was undergoing treatment to indicate that he was outside in the parking lot.

Image Credit: Kelly Conner

She glanced out the window and saw Albert reading a book while perched on a folding chair outside with the poster board in front of him.

The fact that he would do it for me “immediately brought tears to my eyes and I felt a love for him right then in that instant,” Kelly added.

When she first saw Albert, she gave out a little gasp, which prompted her nurse to inquire as to what was wrong. However, she also started crying when she saw what Kelly was viewing outside.

The nurses were drawn to Albert’s kind gesture. Even though they were aware that they would need to go through screening in order to return to the hospital, some of them went outside to express their gratitude to him. They informed him that experiencing times like these is what motivates them to go to work. Even so, Albert felt uncomfortable” because of the attention, it also made him “feel good.”

Image Credit: Kelly Conner

Albert claimed that he made the decision to utilize a sign the size of a poster board on purpose in order to ensure that Kelly could see the message from anywhere in the parking lot. He struck it fortunate and parked several stories above Kelly’s allotted place for the day.

Kelly’s cancer therapy has a long way to go still. By the end of May, after she has finished her chemotherapy, she will have surgery and get radiotherapy. She will soon start a new, more potent chemotherapy medication, lengthening each session.

The couple was first dismayed to find that the cancer center was prohibiting guests, but they quickly realized it was for the best.

Image Credit: Kelly Conner

Albert provides for his wife in other ways as well. Albert shut down his locksmith company so he could stay at home and keep Kelly from becoming infected since he was aware that if he was constantly in touch with others, he may contract the virus.

Once Kelly’s chemotherapy treatments are over, the family wants to be there to ring the bell with her, but if not, Albert will do so.

This guy is unstoppable in his efforts to support and adore his wife, not even a pandemic. This pair is very fortunate to be together!

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