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In Majestic Photos, Photographer Captures Rare Close Encounter With Minnesota Black Wolf

Consider what it would be like to look into the furious eyes of a huge and magnificent beast. A moment like that does not happen every day, and only those who are lucky enough to see it will remember it. Conrad Tan’s close encounter with a Minnesota black wolf exemplifies good fortune and timing.

Conrad’s favorite hobby was photography, which he took up late in life. “What started as a desire to stare at a wallpaper I developed myself has evolved into a form of fixation,” he wrote.

“I’m obsessed with getting the perfect photo, whatever that is. Every image I create is a challenge for me since I believe I can always improve it. That’s most likely what keeps me coming back. This activity has so many distinct disciplines that I have yet to try. I also want to help other photographers whenever feasible. I feel it is important to give back to the activity that has given me so much delight.”

On a vacation to Minnesota, he had a rare encounter with a black wolf, and the conclusion was just what you’d anticipate. Here are some photos from that time:


Image Credit: Conrad Tan


Image Credit: Conrad Tan


Image Credit: Conrad Tan


Image Credit: Conrad Tan


Image Credit: Conrad Tan


Image Credit: Conrad Tan


Image Credit: Conrad Tan


Image Credit: Conrad Tan


Image Credit: Conrad Tan

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