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Inspirational Surgeon Operates from Stand-Up Wheelchair

Dr. Ted Rummel was distraught when he learned in 2010 that he had a blood-filled cyst on his spine, which would eventually explode and paralyze him from the waist down. Despite the challenges, the committed doctor has found a means to continue working in the operating room by using an electric stand-up wheelchair.

After his own serious health problems, the doctor, who would average over 1,000 procedures per year, found it impossible to continue his job as a surgeon. While most individuals in Dr. Rummel’s circumstances would reasonably retire, he opted to continue working in order to care for his patients. Despite the fact that he now rides in a wheelchair, he has the hand-eye coordination of a skilled surgeon.

“I connect to patients 100 percent differently today,” says the inspired doctor. You’ll listen better and be more compassionate after going through anything like this. I pity their situation and how it affects their lives, such as not being able to use your hand.” Dr. Rummel is believed to provide immense delight to everyone he works with, including the medical and OR staff, when he sees his patients at Progress West HealthCare Center and Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital.








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