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Jack Dorsey calls for Elon Musk to release the Twitter Files ‘without filter and let people judge for themselves’

In his publication of the so-called “Twitter Files,” Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey urged current Twitter owner and CEO Elon Musk to “Make everything public now.”

“If the aim is to develop trust via openness, why not just reveal everything without filter and let people evaluate for themselves? Are all conversations about current and future activities included? Make everything public right away. #TwitterFiles ” Dorsey tweeted in response to Musk’s statement that he wanted more time before releasing “Episode 2.” “of the documents

“Most crucial data was concealed (from you as well), and some may have been erased, but whatever we uncover will be shared,” Musk replied to Dorsey’s tweet later.

Musk began publicizing the release of internal Twitter interactions, nicknamed the “Twitter Files,” last week. According to the billionaire, releasing the material would demonstrate Twitter’s efforts to restrict free expression.

The data were made public on Friday by writer Matt Taibbi, the author of the substack weekly TK News. According to Musk, the internal exchanges demonstrate that Twitter repressed free speech at the request of Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. The messages featured naked pictures of Hunter Biden that had disseminated without his permission. The tweets violated the company’s revenge porn policy.


The social media network also removed links to a New York Post piece regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop. According to the data, Twitter staff argued whether or not to delete the news since Twitter has a policy against posting material gained through hacking. The prohibition was subsequently lifted, and Dorsey later described it as a “complete error.”

Personal information about Twitter workers, including email addresses, was not redacted from the published data. On Friday, Twitter cofounder Biz Stone seemed to condemn the publication, calling it “gross” and claiming that Elon “does things for sport that have severe ramifications for real people.”

Musk has vowed to make more Twitter Files available. On Tuesday, the billionaire disclosed that he had fired Twitter deputy general counsel James Baker for allegedly interfering with the material’s disclosure, accusing the lawyer of concealing “information critical to public discourse.”

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