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Kelly Clarkson is a strict parent who spanks her children when they misbehave.

Kelly Clarkson has spoken about instilling moral principles in her children. The mother of two stated that she spanks her children if they act badly.

She believes that this is common in her native state of Louisiana, where she now resides.

Clarkson is a native of Fort Worth, Texas. River Rose, 5, and Remy, 3, are her biological children from her first marriage to Brandon Blackstock, as are two stepchildren. When asked how she dealt with disobedient children, she said, “I’m not above a spanking,” which some people dislike. She merely means a gentle whack on the backside, no thrashing.

She goes on to say that her parents spanked her and that she did well in school. As a result, she is pleased with herself, which she uses to justify her behavior. She went on to claim that she is always given a warning before acting.

The Voice coach explained that she is from the South, where spanking is common.

However, she admits that doing so in public can be difficult because people who disagree are quick to condemn.

People have differed on the long-term efficacy of spanking as a form of punishment. Some people believe it is risky, while others say it is safe.

The American Academy of Pediatrics does not support the use of spanking or any other type of “corporal punishment” to discipline children.

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