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Kid Shares His Lunch with Poor Girl, Next Day She Picks Him and Grandma up in Black SUV

Tom noticed that his classmate Mia had nothing for lunch, so he shared his food with her despite having very little for himself. She arrived the next day in a black SUV with a big surprise for Tim and his grandma.

“Hey, don’t you have recess?” Tom inquired of his classmate, Mia, who sat next to him every day. Mia, unlike the rest of the class, had not risen when the instructor called recess. The students had all risen up, collected their lunch packs, and departed the classroom. Tom, on the other hand, observed that his companion remained behind.

“No,” the girl said, her lips pursed. “I haven’t eaten anything.”

“What?” Tom was taken aback. He looked compassionately at his companion, who nodded gravely. “Why? “Your red lunchbox is usually full with food!”

“What’s that ruckus?” Rosalind puzzled as she grabbed her coat and opened the door. “Who is he?”

Mia gently nodded her head. “Yes, but not right now.”

“Why?” he inquired once again.

“My mom is in the hospital, so I don’t have any food today,” Mia explained, shrugging her shoulders at Tom.

Tom reflected on her predicament, feeling terrible that Mia’s mother was in the hospital. His parents visited the hospital one day and never returned. According to Tom’s grandma, Rosalind, they were in Heaven.

He also understood what it felt like to be hungry. His grandma did her best, but they had no other relatives. She was frequently on the phone, complaining about how costs were rising. Tom wasn’t sure he understood what that meant. But he frequently ate leftovers, and his grandmother didn’t always eat at night.

He peeked into his lunchbox, sympathizing with his companion. A bologna sandwich, juice, and an apple were provided. “You are welcome to share with me. “I’m not sure whether you like this sandwich, but my juice and apple are pretty excellent,” he smiled.

“Really?” The girl sprang up from her desk, brightened up.

“Yeah! “Let’s go!” he said, and they both skipped towards their kindergarten’s patio. They took turns drinking from Tom’s juice box and chewing into his apple after he cut his sandwich in two.

Mia grinned and laughed a lot. After eating, they played with the other kids until it was time to return to class.

Mia said her goodbyes to Tom and thanked him for sharing his meal. “If I receive a lunchbox tomorrow, I’ll share!” she said.

Tom waved as he boarded his school bus, hoping Mia’s mother would recover quickly and return home so she would not be hungry again.

The following day was a gorgeous Saturday, and Tom’s grandmother had told them they could play at the neighborhood park near their Missouri home. But as they were getting ready to go, they heard a vehicle horn outside.

“What’s that ruckus?” Rosalind puzzled as she grabbed her coat and opened the door. “Who is he?”

Tom went to the door as he heard his grandmother’s comments. A large black SUV was parked in front of their house, but they had no clue why or who it might be. “I believe our next-door neighbor has a guest.”

“That has to be it,” Rosalind remarked, walking outside to see if they needed instructions. Tom noticed Mia climbing out of the backseat and racing towards them as they both left.

“TOM! TOM! TOM!” She clapped. “SURPRISE!”

“What?” Tom inquired, puzzled but smiling.

“Who is he?” Rosalind inquired, her own grin on her face. Mia was introduced to her by Tom.

A man in casual but expensive-looking attire approached them. “Good day, there!” My name is Roger, and I’m Mia’s father. “I heard Tom shared Mia’s lunch yesterday,” he said as he extended his hand to Rosalind and then looked down at Tom. “Thank you very much, dear guy; else, my daughter would have gone hungry all day.”

The youngsters were sidetracked and began to run around the front yard. Roger approached Rosalind.

“Mia remained with me for the first time in a long time yesterday. My wife and I split a long time ago, and I’ve been traveling since then. I’m ashamed to admit that I neglected to make her lunch. I merely gave her some money since I assumed her school had a cafeteria. However, it appears that it does not. I had absolutely no notion. “I’m an idiot,” Roger said, as Rosalind laughed and touched his shoulder.

“Oh my goodness! Now you know, and it’s a good thing Tom was there to share his meal with you. “How is Mia’s mother?” Rosalind was perplexed.

“Yeah. She’s all right. We agreed that Mia should stay with me for a few weeks until she feels better. It’s brand new. We haven’t done that since the divorce, and I’m only understanding how much I don’t know about parenting children. “It’s humiliating,” Roger added, stroking his chin. “However, that’s not why we’re here. I obtained your address from a teacher, and we have a big surprise for you!”

Mia noticed her father discussing a surprise and drew Tom nearer the grownups. Roger lowered his gaze to the children. “How about going to… SILVER DOLLAR CITY, Tom?”

“YAY!” Tom burst out laughing. “Can we go now, Grandma? Can we? PLEASE?”

“Uh…” Rosalind paused. They didn’t have the funds, but Roger indicated that the entire trip was on him, so she smiled and nodded to her grandson.

Both children applauded once more. “All right, let’s go!” Mia yelled and dashed towards the automobile.

Rosalind still appeared nervous, so Roger leaned down and said, “This is the least I could do. Your grandson is a wonderful youngster who generously shared his lunch. Consider this a present. Please.”

Rosalind smiled at the young father as they walked to their car for a fantastic day at the amusement park.

What can we learn from this story?

Teach your children to share with others who are less fortunate. Even though circumstances were rough and food was scarce at home, Tom didn’t hesitate to share his lunch with a buddy.

In some manner, good actions are always rewarded. After Tom did something kind for Mia, her father wanted to reward him with a lovely day at an amusement park. Karma, in general, has a way of returning good actions.

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