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Little Daughter Was Born With a Rare Birthmark, and Her Mom Shows How Beautiful Her Daughter Is

Nicole Lucas Hall is a wonderful mother of two children, Asher and Winry. And, like any good mother, she is a fighter. Nicole leads a rather typical existence, but she is on a mission: to appreciate her daughter’s distinct beauty. Winry, her 13-month-old daughter, was born with an unusual birthmark that covers one-fourth of her face.

Image: © nicolelucashall / Instagram

Nicole recalled that when they first saw her kid, their first thoughts were confusion and fear for her safety, as neither of them had ever seen such a birthmark before.

They assumed it was something serious, but the physicians swiftly dispelled their concerns. Winry was born with CMN, an uncommon congenital melanocytic nevus with an incidence of roughly 1 in 50,000 births. They were reassured that the birthmark would most likely be mainly cosmetic, and that any health risks would be comparable to those associated with other nevi or moles.

Image: © nicolelucashall / Instagram

Unfortunately, there has been no shortage of unpleasant remarks and criticism since Nicole began sharing her daughter’s story, but even in their daily lives, some people stare or cast unfavorable glances towards Winry.

Image: © nicolelucashall / Instagram

Nicole, on the other hand, has remained composed in the face of the crisis. She told us that they both tried to keep the majority of their social media responses informative, because almost all of the nasty comments they received were simply due to ignorance. Nicole and her husband reply to individuals who are disrespectful and hateful with humor.

Image: © nicolelucashall / Instagram

Apart from that, they’ve been nearly completely overwhelmed by the kindness of those who’ve learnt about Winry.

Every little sister wishes for an older brother to look after her. In Winry’s case, Asher is a genuine, helpful, and lovely brother. According to Nicole, he is blissfully unaware of anything “strange” about her. He is aware that she has a birthmark on her face, but it is no more unusual to him than having different eye colors.

Image: © nicolelucashall / Instagram

Asher, like any other child his age, is occasionally envious of Winry’s mom time, but Nicole is confident that he will grow up to be both Winry’s closest friend and protector.

Nicole and her husband do everything they can every day to safeguard and raise Winry and her brother to be confident in all of their talents and characteristics. They are anxious about how others could see or assess Winry.

Image: © nicolelucashall / Instagram

Nicole has told us that one of their major objectives in life is teaching Winry to value things like compassion. They are raising her to be a warrior, constantly instilling confidence in her by reminding her of her beauty in the hopes that Winry would grow up to be as happy as she is now.

Nicole is certain of one thing: they will always protect and guide their kid toward individuals who will treat her with compassion and respect. What matters most is that Winry will always find refuge and safety in the arms of her family.

Image: © nicolelucashall / Instagram

Nicole is dedicated to using social media to promote awareness of CMN; her main goal is to educate the world about Winry’s disease, as well as to encourage parents to teach their children to enjoy diversity and the wonderful elements of oneself.

Image: © nicolelucashall / Instagram

As Nicole had remarked to Bright Side, Winry was the first person in the family to have this birthmark, and despite its rarity, there are far too many families who can relate to and profit from Winry’s tale.

Image: © nicolelucashall / Instagram

As parents, they will go to any length to ensure that their daughter’s life path is smooth. Nicole has made it her mission to educate and normalize birthmarks. She and her husband envision a moment when Winry will have to go somewhere, meet someone new, and answer lots of questions about her appearance; they want things to be different for her and other children like Winry.

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