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Little Puppy Has Most Beautiful ‘Cinnamon Roll’ Ears

When Jen Deane first learned that a litter of puppies in a small Georgian town needed to be rescued, she assumed they would be adorable.

She had no idea, though.


With the exception of Cinnamon, all of the petite, tan-colored puppies had adorable huge, pointed ears. Cinnamon’s ears curved inward like two tiny cinnamon buns.

Deane, CEO of Pit Sisters, told The Dodo, “I’ve never seen a dog with ears like hers. “Everyone is in awe of how cute she is, and in person, she’s even prettier!”

The internet fell in love with Cinnamon’s adorable face as soon as the rescue posted her picture on its Facebook page. Even Cinnamon’s ears have been compared to “victory rolls,” a 1940s haircut, according to some Reddit users.


She and her littermates, some of whom will soon be available for adoption, have attracted a lot of attention because to her distinctive appearance, which has been shared thousands of times.

Cinnamon wasn’t always this way, even though she is now healthy and living a regular (and rather famous) puppy life. She and her brothers had found themselves at a homeless shelter three weeks earlier, with their parents nowhere to be found. Each puppy was extremely underweight, filthy, and worm-infected, according to Deane, who said that it’s possible they were abandoned by their owner.


They were just five weeks old, but Deane said they had received no care at all. They could receive rapid medical attention at our veterinarian, and they are all doing well.

Except for two, all of the puppies will be offered for adoption in a few weeks. Zeke, Cinnamon’s brother, has already captured Deane’s heart, and she has made the decision to adopt him. With a devoted family that already includes three other pets, adorable Cinnamon has also discovered her permanent home.


At 8 weeks old, the puppies are bouncing with activity. The entire litter is quite intelligent and lively, but Cinnamon is particularly spirited.

She is a unique young lady, and she seemed to recognize this.

Deane remarked, “Cinnamon is really fiery, in a good way. She gets along nicely with other dogs and is quite sweet. Her ears exactly reflect her eccentric and lively attitude.

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