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Man who spent first 11 years of his life homeless beat the odds to become high-level Amazon executive

“Education was my way out of poverty.” The 42-year-old Amazon executive David Ambroz, who was raised on the streets of New York City, clung to this truth.

David and his two brothers were forced to sleep in public spaces, churches, and shelters as a result of their mentally ill mother. They were constantly dirty and famished, and they had nowhere to reside. They had to grovel for money in order to purchase food.

As a child, David had to take baths in fast-food restaurant restrooms and beg at Grand Central Station, where wealthier travelers ignored him.

He recalled that his ability to feed depended on the kindness of others, namely whether someone would give him a dollar.

Image: Instagram hjdambroz

David was eager to escape this depressing and challenging circumstance since he felt it was the wrong way to live.

His life did not begin to improve until he became 12 years old. After struggling to live while living on the streets, David was finally placed in foster care and adopted by a kind family who would provide him with a secure future.

He was taught to read through public libraries’ literacy initiatives, but he persisted and enrolled in high school to pursue a greater education.

When he was awarded a grant to study abroad, his diligence paid off. He finished his high school coursework while in Spain and made great progress toward starting over.

Image: Instagram hjdambroz

His study abroad experience in Spain was crucial in helping him gain admission to Vassar College. David had to juggle his various jobs with his schoolwork in order to retain his grade, thus it wasn’t an easy task. He was also dealing with personal concerns related to his sexuality at this time.

But David’s career was taking off since he had secured a highly sought-after internship at the White House.

He eventually gained admission to the UCLA School of Law, where he later graduated with a Juris Doctor.

Soon after that, David was hired by ABC’s legal and business affairs division to work on Disney TV’s CSR and charitable initiatives.

Image: Instagram hjdambroz

He also made friends and collaborated with some of the most well-known and powerful individuals there. More significantly, it gave him the ability to shape the narrative on Disney TV’s networks. David just recently relocated to Amazon, where he is now the chief of external affairs.

David acknowledges that, despite all of his life’s accomplishments, it wasn’t simple to let go of the “shame” of being homeless. He had to come to terms with the impact of this tragedy through many years of trauma.

David finally overcame his trauma and “shame” to become one of the most well-known foster care champions.

In order to pay it forward and provide foster children with the same chances he received when he was younger, David is really a foster parent himself.

David will always be thankful to those who made it possible for him to alter his life’s course and realize his aspirations. He wouldn’t be where he is now if it weren’t for those “unique angels,” like his foster mother Holly.

He is conscious that not everyone will be able to foster or adopt a child, but everyone can contribute to spreading awareness and showing concern for these children’s suffering.

It’s difficult to believe someone with such self-assurance, accomplishment, and influence could have had such a difficult upbringing. David, however, is a living example of how your past does not determine your future.

Image: Instagram hjdambroz

David and his siblings overcame all odds to enjoy happy and loving homes, excellent occupations, and a little amount of good fortune.

Since not many foster children are able to change their lives, he is pleased and gratified that he was able to. He thus makes a strong effort to promote child welfare and change the system that has made it challenging for him and his family to escape poverty for so long.

He co-founded FosterMore, a program that provides foster care services, opportunities, and resources, as a means to give back.

Image: Instagram hjdambroz

Additionally, he expands on his remarkable tale in his upcoming novel A Place Called Home, which will be published on September 13.

David believes that his book will motivate readers to take action to help the millions of Americans who are living in poverty. They require our assistance, our focus, and—most importantly—our action, David added.

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