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Mariska Hargitay Successfully Adopted Multiracial Kids One of Whom ‘Fell from the Sky’ after Painful Process

Mariska Hargitay had her first biological child at the age of 42, and after several more attempts, she realized that adopting was the only way she and her husband could have the large family they desired. Here is a glimpse at her adoption process.

Mariska Hargitay, who was born on January 23, 1964, majored in theatre and made her debut in “Ghoulies” in 1984. She appeared in a few episodes of “ER” before winning the part of Detective Olivia Benson on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” in 1999.


She conducted her own stunt work and eventually became the highest-paid actress on television as a result of her efforts. Her efforts were recognized when she received Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for her performance.

In 2004, Hargitay starred in “Plain Truth” and became an activist. She established the “Joyful Heart Foundation” to assist survivors of domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual assault.

She directed the 400th episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and broke the record for most seasons of portraying the same role, Olivia Benson.



Hargitay, who married Peter Hermann in 2004, had her first child in 2006 at the age of 42. Their son, August, was delivered through Caesarean section. She stated,

“Everything changed in August!” You know, I think everything in life matters more to me now that I’m a mother. Every day is richer, deeper, and more spiritual.”

At the moment, the delighted new mom thought that life got more precious with her kid as she realized the importance of everything a little more.


After her first child, Hargitay found it difficult to conceive again at her age, and her son desired siblings. She and her spouse also want a large brood because they both hailed from huge households.


Hermann and Hargitay had always planned to adopt children in addition to having their own. Hargitay, who lost her mother when she was young, discovered that a mother did not have to be biological.

Hargitay and her spouse began their adventure by contacting a “excellent,” perceptive adoption lawyer. They went to people’s houses, had several false starts, and had some cases fall through.

When the couple met a pregnant young woman who was expecting a girl, they felt hopeful. They planned to meet with her after numerous vetting steps, and Hargitay was ecstatic after the meeting.

Hargitay and the birth mother communicated for a month before the delivery, and the birth mother called Hargitay. When Hargitay arrived at the hospital, she was given the newborn.

She and Hermann spent two beautiful days bonding with the baby and even named her before the birth mother changed her mind. Hargitay described the experience as “devastating.”


“But…what here’s I’ve realized about life: It was probably the best, happiest finale. It was excruciatingly difficult for us, but it was tremendously wonderful and very appropriate for her.”

Hargitay was proud to have been a part of the process and considered it as a tremendous privilege to have been a part of the creation of a union.


Despite their devastating initial effort, the pair pursued another possibility. They wanted to adopt a daughter so that their son, August, could have a sibling.

The couple was introduced to another woman who was expecting a child. When they eventually decided on a plan, Hargitay thought it was too wonderful to be true.

The birth mother was an African-American lady, but her color didn’t matter to the couple or the mother, who didn’t object if white people adopted her child.

Initially, medical assessments indicated that the birth mother would have a male, but this proved to be an error, since the baby was a girl. Hargitay was not only there in the birth room, but she actively assisted in the delivery of the kid.

Before the baby was born, the couple decided she should have the same initials as August, so they named her Amaya, which means “princess,” “warrior,” and “night rain” in many languages.


They had no idea when their third kid would arrive. August desired a sibling after adopting Amaya, and Hargitay said the timing was simply right for them at the moment. She stated,

“A miracle occurred when our second son, Andrew, descended from the skies into our house.”

They lost a beloved friend Andrew just as they were settling into having a new addition to their family, and shortly after, their lawyer contacted to notify them of a two-month premature and extremely frail newborn boy.

The boy had just been released from the neonatal critical care unit and was available for adoption. They visited the hospital and met the birth mother, who had gone through a lot.

The entire event went quickly, and another member of their family joined them in just two days. Hermann and Hargitay named the son Andrew after a friend who died.


The actress, who comes from a varied family, claims that her children are unique and do not respond to the same things. Andrew enrolled in “Big Muscles” lessons due to his early birth.

The lesson aided him in his growth and balance. Amaya enjoys music; as the music and drums begin, she comes alive and begins to dance.

They were all in swimming lessons, though, because water is a dread for all parents, and Hargitay needed to know that all of her children understood what to do in the water. She also enjoys knowing about each child’s interests so she can encourage and support them.

August enjoyed his job as an elder brother and wished there were more children around. He seems to want another sister in order to have an equal number of boys and females.

Hargitay, who is emotionally invested in her family and a hands-on mother, stated,

“The thing that’s made me a better parent is my kids because they taught me to actually listen. My spouse is my compass, and my children are my instructors.”

Despite the difficulties they had when seeking to adopt, Hargitay feels she would never have wanted it any other way since her family is wonderful for her.

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