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Michael J Fox & Tracy Pollan to Celebrate 35th Anniversary — She Didn’t Like Him at First but Now Fights for His Life

Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan have been happily married for over 35 years. They had to deal with the burden of Fox’s Parkinson’s disease diagnosis early in their marriage. However, three decades later, they’ve established a family and a life full of fun.

Michael J. Fox is a veteran actor who debuted in the 1970s. He rose to prominence after appearing in the TV show “Family Ties.” Aside from his long career, he discovered the perfect wife and life companion in actress Tracy Pollan. They have been married for for 35 years and have faithfully kept their vows.

The pair has grown stronger in sickness and in health and has not allowed their difficulties alter how they perceive each other.

They may have made it this far, but Pollan was not a great fan of Fox at the start of their relationship. Her initial impression of him was that he was arrogant.

Michael J. Fox in Los Angeles in 2009 | Source: Getty Images

But when they had the opportunity to collaborate, she viewed him in a new light. Fox turned out to be brilliant and witty, and it only took Pollan two weeks of working together to see his wonderful characteristics.

The pair finally married, but their marriage was put to the test when Fox got life-changing news in 1991. Fox went to the clinic when his pinky finger began trembling excessively one morning.

In Manhattan, a doctor diagnosed him with young-onset Parkinson’s disease. The actor escorted his wife to a remote path and imparted the news to her.

The couple sobbed and embraced one other, but Pollan assured her husband that nothing had changed since he was still the same man he was yesterday, and she didn’t want them to forget that.

Tracy Pollan and Michael J. Fox in New York in 1999 | Source: Getty Images

What Fox values the most is his wife’s support. She never regarded her illness as the end of their marriage from the time he informed her about it in that hallway. His Parkinson’s condition had no effect on how she saw him to this day.

Willie Geist, who spoke with Fox about his book “No Time from the Future,” said that his father had Parkinson’s disease and that it is not a condition that one goes through alone.

As a result, having Pollan by his side was a gift. “It’s extremely fantastic to have a partner,” the “Back to the Future” star said.

Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan in Beverly Hills in 2017 | Source: Getty Images

Fox kept his condition a secret for a long, immersing himself in drink and working as many jobs as he could to try to forget about it.

He acknowledged to hiding bottles from his wife at one point. He buried his feelings in drink, drifting away from his family in the process.

Fox’s drinking addiction strained his marriage, and Pollan confessed it was terrifying to see her husband do this to himself. But she was most concerned about the consequences of his addiction.

Pollan recognized that it was not the ideal way to live, especially for someone with children and a wife, but it was up to Fox to make the necessary changes.

Tracy Pollan and Michan J. Fox in New York in 2017 | Source: Getty Images

After a night out with his pals, he realized how much his alcohol addiction was affecting him and his family. Fox returned home, collapsed on the couch, and passed out.

A can of beer slipped on the floor as he slept, and when he awoke the next day, Pollan was seated in front of him with their three-year-old kid.

As he moved his gaze around the room, he was too afraid to look his wife and child in the eyes because he expected a furious lady, but he realized, “She wasn’t. She was simply bored.”

Before storming out, Pollan questioned him if this was the type of life and person he wanted to live. Fox had just finished the last beer he’d ever drunk. He resolved to become sober and rebuild his life.

Tracy Pollan and Michael J. Fox in New York in 2018 | Source: Getty Images

“Acceptance isn’t resignation,” Fox stated. So, instead of burying his illness, the actor fully accepted it in 2000 and allowed his family to worry about him. In addition, he established the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

The actor wants his charity to assist other projects in their efforts to discover a solution for this ailment. Parkinson’s disease primarily affects the neurological system, causing tremors and impairing mobility.

Another source of motivation for his charity is how he conquered the odds. Fox had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease for nine years and had been told he would be incapacitated within ten. He did, however, continue to work after 25 years.

Michael J. Fox in New York in 2019 | Source: Getty Images

As a result, Fox understood that his foundation might assist progress research and therapies, giving others the opportunity to live a long life as well.

The Key to Staying Happy for Decades

Pollan and Fox have been through the ups and downs of Fox’s health. According to the pair, they have remained strong by giving each other the benefit of the doubt and assuming the best in every scenario.

Fox was called one of the nicest individuals by People Magazine, and his wife attested to this. Pollan saw her husband as one of the most pleasant individuals she had ever encountered.

Michael J. Fox in New York in 2022 | Source: Getty Images

She assumed his nice nature originated from his upbringing. Fox, according to the actress, will always put other people’s feelings ahead of his in any scenario.

He has the type of self-awareness that recognizes that problems do not only effect him, thus he tries to put himself in the shoes of others.

This was clear when the actor sustained many injuries, including a broken face, arm, hand, and shoulder. It took the actor some time to understand that his injuries had an impact on his loved ones who were there to care for him. As a result, he tried everything he could to be the best patient he could be for the sake of his family’s well-being.

Pollan believes she has the most real husband, whereas Fox believes his wife has all nice things wrapped up in one bow. He praised Pollan, saying she was intelligent, loved him, and was protective of their family. Sam, twin girls Schuyler and Aquinnah, and Esme are the couple’s four children.

Michael J. Fox in Toronto in 2018 | Source: Getty Images

Fox also boasted about how amazing his children were, crediting his wife for their success. The “Stuart Little” actor also discusses how happy his life is, even if some may not believe him.

His health state is the source of his fascination. Fox stated that he does not believe he has a normal day because each one is unique.

He deals with his days as they come, because living with Parkinson’s means that every day is different. But he is always aware that he enjoys his career and family and is grateful for his life circumstances.

Thinking on the best-case scenario, no matter how horrible the circumstances, helps Fox stay cheerful, although he admits it is not always effective.

According to Fox, acceptance is at the heart of enjoying life. As a result, he learned that the more he embraced himself, the more grateful he became. This gives the actor a clear picture of all the wonderful things he possesses in comparison to the negative.

Family, his work, and the new individuals he encounters on a daily basis are all wonderful parts of his life. Fox also said that his wife dubbed him “Mr. Mayor” because of the amount of individuals he knows and chats with every time they visit New York.

His eagerness to meet and talk to new people is for the benefit of his organization. Fox utilizes these discussions to educate and raise awareness for persons suffering with Parkinson’s disease.

Despite the fact that Fox speaks to hundreds of individuals, Pollan is at the forefront of every conversation. “Tracy is incredible. “She’s up there with me on the front lines every day,” Fox remarked.

The actor noted that she never pretends to know as much about the sickness as he does, but she has a knack for making people laugh even in the most difficult situations. Pollen may not have loved her husband at first, but she eventually fought for his life.

So, when her spouse has a bad day, she handles the laughs first before getting into the serious stuff, which Fox appreciates.

Laughing in the Face of Pain

Pollan and Fox have been married for more than 30 years. Their love has only grown stronger with time, according to the actor, and the key is that they find something to laugh about every day.

Furthermore, Fox seldom felt that his wife treated him like a Parkinson’s patient. He was a parent, a spouse, and a friend all at the same time.

Their love affair began in 1985, when they appeared in the film “Family Ties.” Pollan only appeared on the show for one season, but the pair reunited on “Bright Lights, Big City” in 1987. Fox invited her out for lunch the second time.

Soon after, they began dating and married a year later, in 1988. Fox and Pollan have created a family of six over the past 35 years, and the actor has relied on them throughout his medical struggle.

Fox and Pollan have grown children, but the actor claims he never delayed to inform them about his health problems. He has always been candid about his Parkinson’s illness and has spoken freely about his adjustments.

Tracy Pollan and Michael J. Fox on “Family Ties” in 1986 | Source: Getty Images

Fox experienced yet another major health crisis in 2018. The actor had to have a tumor removed from his spine, limiting his movement. He had to relearn how to walk and now has memory problems. Despite all that has happened to him, Fox cherishes his existence.

Looking on the positive side, Fox likes how he has learnt to manage his time effectively. He no longer does anything he dislikes because of his low energy levels, and he enjoys it. Above all, Fox adores his wife and family and would do anything for their support.

Fox added that while he continues to find new symptoms, some of them have him chuckling at himself. In fact, he discovers something amusing about himself every day.

He described a situation in which he had just awoken and wanted to pour himself and his wife a cup of coffee. He had to work hard to get the coffee into the cups.

Pollan volunteered to assist when it got difficult to hold the coffee mug, but Fox was determined to bring the coffee to his wife on his own.

He moved carefully across the kitchen; things were not looking good, and they only got worse when he sprayed hot coffee all over himself and the floor.

Fox’s road to self-acceptance was not easy after 32 years of living with Parkinson’s disease, but once there, he transformed the world for the better via his foundation and continues to do so. His influence on the film business will not be forgotten.

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