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My son doesn’t have any friends. Today Is His Birthday. Please send him a Birthday.

Kev Harrison smiles for the camera with his Asperger’s syndrome-affected 15-year-old son Daniel.

Daniel’s father received hundreds of birthday wishes for his kid after asking for them on Twitter. Among the thousands of people who reacted rapidly were many well-known people.

The boy wants to improve his driving skills and meet more people. The child is still too young to obtain a driver’s license, but it appears that his second request has been granted.

Photo Credits – Kev Harrison

Daniel retaliated after learning that his father had published a popular tweet on Daniel’s 15th birthday.

“Daniel is my son,” wrote the father.

The photographs were taken by Kev Harrison.

“Daniel is my son,” wrote the father. The man suffers from a severe form of autism. He has no pals at all. His birthday is today, and he is celebrating with his family.

Kev Harrison, of Nottingham, England, stated in a September 28 tweet that his ECHP aims were to learn to drive and meet new people. “I appreciate you wishing him a happy birthday. Please show him how much you care by hugging him. I appreciate you telling me what you think.

What happened next stunned Harrison, who was 52 at the time. Thousands of individuals wrote Daniel birthday cards and vowed to be friends, including a few celebrities. His tweet was seen by almost a million people. Thousands more people have supported the first message.

Photo Credits – Kev Harrison

Harrison stated that the passion of the audience “blew him away.”

The father was motivated to send the tweet after reviewing Daniel’s education, health, and care (EHC) plan, which is part of a government program that helps determine how much assistance children and young people with disabilities require. Daniel and his wife, Catherine, created Daniel’s EHC plan.

Daniel responded to a questionnaire question by saying, “things that are important to me or things I wish to do.” Putting “drive a car” and “make friends” together.

“It crushed our hearts,” added Harisson. The parent stated that despite his child attending a special needs school, he has yet to make new acquaintances. He walks around the playground by himself in his universe.

Daniel was diagnosed with severe autism as a toddler, according to his father. He didn’t eat for several years as a result of this. He can communicate, but it is difficult for him to participate in a conversation. He only responds in “normal” ways.

“He’s been through a lot in his 15 years,” Harrison says. Only the best will do for this gorgeous, polite, and pleasant young man. This gentleman has not a single flaw in his body.

Harrison sent out a tweet to raise awareness about autism spectrum condition and to wish his child a happy birthday. He had no idea that his tweet would become one of the most talked-about topics in the entire country. Only a few people, at most, were expecting a response from the individual.

“It was fantastic,” Harrison remarked.

According to the author, the answer was “very unexpected.” “I didn’t know what to think.”

The photographs were taken by Kev Harrison.

According to the author, the answer was “very unexpected.” “I didn’t know what to think.”

After Harrison’s tweet went viral, celebrities with large followings began retweeting it. Daniel’s father’s Twitter account quickly became inundated with birthday greetings for his son.

Olly, 11, surprised Lennie, 9, with a poem, so Lennie played a happy birthday song for Daniel on the piano.

Daniel’s friends in Indiana made him a birthday banner, which was displayed in his school. People with autism also attempt to assist others by encouraging them and assuring them that things will improve.

Many individuals complimented Daniel for being a friend, but one Twitter user in particular moved Harrison: “Your gorgeous father is a fantastic friend of yours.”

What does Harrison do?

doing his best to read Daniel’s wonderful letters and individually respond to each one, but he is currently going through them all.

He stated that he hoped the outpouring of love would inspire others to be more compassionate toward those with special needs in their communities.

“I’ve done my job if I’ve convinced even one person to look at another little youngster differently,” Harrison added.

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