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NJ grandmother has gone viral for using a leaderboard to rank her 10 grandchildren!

Most people won’t say it, but one New Jersey grandmother isn’t scared to confess that she has favorites.Mary LaMorte, better known as Nanny, gained notoriety by ranking her 10 grandchildren on a scorecard.

Dan LaMorte, a comedian from New York City, said on TikTok that he and his cousins are frequently placed on a leaderboard that is kept in their grandmother’s house.

@danlamorte | TikTok

The magnetic leaderboard features the numbers one through ten as well as movable images of each of her ten grandchildren.

The ranking board in the video was created by Dan’s grandmother. With our faces on magnets, she ranks the 10 grandchildren from 1 to 10 on a wooden board.

Based on their most recent behaviors and activities, Nanny grades the grandchildren. When Dan, 27, stated that he had been dropped from the fourth favorite to last place, she instantly went viral.

@danlamorte | TikTok

His two new tattoos, which apparently didn’t win Nanny’s approval, cost him ninth place on the scoreboard.

I’m No. 4, the highest I’ve ever been, Dan recalled the experience. However, I did just have two new tattoos, so I am a little concerned about how it may affect my ranking.

He asked his grandmother what she thought of his new tattoos after displaying the elaborate artwork on his upper arm to her.

The moment Nanny said, “This is what I think of your new tattoos,” she pushed him to the bottom of the leaderboard.

@danlamorte | TikTok

Given that the leaderboard was a joke gift given by another grandchild in 2015, the grandmother and grandson actually had a nice chuckle about the intense attention in the popular TikTok clip.

My grandson, Christopher, and his girlfriend cooked it and brought it to us, Nanny said. We hung it up in our home because it had the names and images of all the cousins.

Dan said, “There were always internal jokes about the family having favorites. This therefore is how the board was created.

@danlamorte | TikTok

Nanny explained how the grandchildren on the leaderboard receive promotions and demotions. Different milestones and actions may be used to determine where someone moves on the board. These include having children, traveling to see you, or not seeing you frequently enough!

My grandson recently had a baby, therefore he goes to the top because it’s a really good, happy event, she added. And I won’t even discuss promotions or downgrades.And Dan’s most recent ranking on the list? Tattoos? asked Nanny. That will always work.

@danlamorte | TikTok

Although there may be free movement across the leaderboard, according to Dan, the top two positions are primarily held by two cousins, a dentist and a veterinarian. Almost typically, less frequent visits or phone calls to Nanny call for promotion. However, the family can be motivated by the leaderboard. Dan stated:

It’s a good system to encourage families to “kind of stay close together, to always make sure you’re checking in,”

The following generation is joining the family, despite the LaMorte cousins’ current dominance on the leaderboard.

@danlamorte | TikTok

The great grandchildren are not welcome to join the leaderboard, either, according to Dan and his relatives.

We don’t put them on the board because we’re worried they’ll be placed higher than us, the man remarked. They haven’t messed up as much and are younger and cuter.

Despite the massive response to the TikTok, the LaMorte family is surprised by how seriously the public has regarded Nanny’s grading system.

Dan stated, “We’ve always been a really funny, roasty family. It keeps us all together and promotes communication.The comedy in the family is easily demonstrated by the leaderboard, which Dan also attributes to his Nanny. He stated, “I was really fortunate to have four hilarious grandparents who are all still alive.

I always had someone around to crack jokes, and Nanny always told me not to take oneself too seriously.

Dan has talked about Nanny’s leaderboard on Tiktok before, and he most likely won’t stop doing so either.

He was demoted to sixth place in March, with an explanation that his female cousin won since she lived next to their grandma.

How will the grandchildren fare in the leaderboard in the future? Just be careful, Nanny said in jest.

Watch the video below to see Nanny’s potent leaderboard in action:

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