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Officer takes 8-year-old girl to school dance after her dad passes away

A kind school resource officer in Arkansas wanted to make sure a girl who had recently lost her father didn’t miss the father-daughter school dance, so he chose to accompany her. The delightful surprise made the little girl’s heart sing!

Image: Nick Harvey

Cpl. Nick Harvey, the resource officer at the Van Buren District primary school, learned that Avey Cox, a second-grader, would be unable to attend the daddy-daughter dance since her father had died, so he decided to do something. He and the other resource officers promised to take any youngsters who did not have fathers to the event. In his case, he stepped up for Avey, an 8-year-old!

Officer Harvey met with the girl’s mother first, and she consented. Furthermore, the small girl was overjoyed since she wouldn’t miss the dance!

Image: Nick Harvey

“I contacted the mother, and she indicated everything was fine,” the resource officer told KFSM. “Because the last thing I needed was to be rejected by a second grader.” So I chatted to her parents about it, and the next day, I formally asked her to be my date to the daddy-daughter dance.”

When the big day arrived, Harvey, a father of three children, drove his police car to pick up the second grader. He even coordinated his clothing with Avey’s gown. Although he confesses he’s not a great dancer, he did his best to ensure the 8-year-old had a memorable night. That she did!

Image: Nick Harvey

“I was excited because I had never gone before, and it would be my first time, and I had been wanting to go,” the young girl explained. “”It meant a lot since I got to meet all of my friends there and then go with him and have a lot of fun.”

Image: Nick Harvey

Harvey expressed his delight at being able to assist Avey and others.

Image: Nick Harvey

“I am very grateful to be in a situation where I can enjoy experiences like this,” he posted on Facebook. “I had the distinct distinction of accompanying Avey, this remarkable and gorgeous little girl, to the Daddy-Daughter Dance.” I enjoy my profession for a variety of reasons. But for reasons like this, my job is the finest employment for me.”

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