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On the strength of a wing and a prayer! A courageous seagull faces a polar bear, but at the last second, the bird avoids the creature by flying in the opposite direction.

A seagull is poised to fly directly into the face of a polar bear, which has closed its eyes in anticipation of the impact.

Takayoshi Noda captured an astonishing picture at the Kaktovik community on Barter Island, Alaska, in which a bird and a bear come face to face.

The polar bear closed its eyes with keen anticipation as it was only a few meters away from spotting the seagull.

The bird abruptly reversed direction and narrowly avoided colliding with the polar bear.

“When I shot this photo, the polar bear and seagull were barely a few of meters away,” the 51-year-old guy explained.

“As it approached the polar bear, the seagull spread its wings and slowed, but as the bear closed his eyes, the bird quickly reversed its direction.”

“I had the sensation that I had captured an extraordinarily amusing moment on film when I shot the photo.”

When the polar bear realized the seagull was only a few meters away, it closed its eyes in anticipation.

A polar bear was constantly accompanied by seagulls in this place, which is natural, yet the bears appeared to pay little heed to the birds.

“While sharing the blessings of nature, I was impressed by the idea that people and polar bears can cohabit in this location. This is a very important relationship that has existed from the beginning of time.

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