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People Have Been Leaving Sticks On This Dog’s Grave Who Died 100 Years Ago

Famous people including musician Leonard Bernstein, former senator Boss Tweed, photographer Charles Ebbets, editor Horace Greeley, artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, and many more are interred at the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York City. However, Rex, a dog that passed away 100 years ago, also has a modest tombstone in the huge 478-acre cemetery. The dog’s statue and the name are engraved beneath the dog’s grave.


The dog burial has been there for more than a century, but only recently has it begun to attract a lot of attention. Recently, the gravestone has developed into a draw in the cemetery. And visitors have been pouring in solely to see the tombstone that is the subject of considerable discussion. Visitors are scattering sticks over Rex’s little paws as a sign of respect. Because the tombstone lies beneath a tree, onlookers started picking up sticks that were on the ground and giving them to Rex. And somehow it developed into a custom.


Online images of the dog burial and the assortment of sticks are already popular. And the enigmatical dog continues to pique people’s curiosity. Rex, according to legend, belonged to renowned fruit trader John E. Stow, who passed away in 1884. Rex was buried near to Stow’s gravesite at his desire when he perished many years later. Actually, there were other dogs buried at Green-Wood Cemetery besides Rex. The exclusive cemetery contains the remains of four other canines. However, Rex was thought to be the last because of a public outcry over the burial of animals at the cemetery.


Green-Wood had ceased burying dogs in the cemetery since that time. However, the cemetery started offering tours of the grounds in April 2016 so that people might see the illustrious animals interred there. And that’s how word about Rex and the other canines buried at the memorial park spread to the general population. If you want to go see Rex’s monument and throw a stick on it, the well-known dog burial is located in Lot 2925, Section 81 of Green-Wood.


Image: meghanad

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