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Quaden, who is 12, asked his classmates to stop making fun of him because of his condition. He will now be in a big movie with Chris Hemsworth.

Quaden Bayles’ mother went viral less than three years ago when she posted a video of her son weeping due of bullying at school. Quaden’s early years were spent blissfully oblivious of the catastrophic changes that were about to unfold. The 12-year-old child, who hasn’t yet begun high school, is set to become a major star today. We’ll even see him in a big-budget film with Chris Hemsworth shortly.

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Quaden is an Australian kid who was born with the dwarfism achondroplasia. When his mother uploaded a video from early 2020, the world first learnt about his story. The viral video shows a little child in the rear of the car weeping and feeling upset because his classmates made fun of him because of his condition.

© quaden_the_kid / Instagram

Quaden, 12, requested that his classmates stop making fun of him because of his illness. He will now appear in a major film alongside Chris Hemsworth.

The video rapidly captured the attention of the entire globe, and celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, a famous figure in Hollywood, reacted to it. The Australian actor tweeted a video message to the adorable child, saying, “No matter what, you can depend on me as a friend.” “Mate, you are stronger than you think,” he assured Quaden.

© quaden_the_kid / Instagram

And the love and support for Quaden didn’t stop there. In fact, Oscar-winning filmmaker George Miller cast him in his current successful film, Furiosa, the fifth installment in the Mad Max series. The film will be released in May 2024, and stars Chris Hemsworth and Anya Taylor-Joy.

“Can’t wait to see on the big screen next year,” the 12-year-old said to his 273k Instagram followers when the news was made.

But we won’t be seeing Quaden for the first time on the big screen. In fact, he appeared as an extra in George Miller’s Three Thousand Years of Longing. He has worked with luminaries such as Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton.

© quaden_the_kid / Instagram

Quaden expressed his excitement and zeal for this opportunity during the film’s debut. “I love acting and want to do a lot of it,” he remarked.

Miller, for his part, stated that the gifted youngster was “extremely good and knowledgable about movies.” “I saw the video that his mother shared, like everyone else,” the acclaimed filmmaker stated. It had a profound effect on me.” He also stated that he cast Bayles in the role of Furiosa because “he did such a terrific job” in the last film.

We hope that this is only the beginning of a long and exciting period in Quaden’s life, and that we will see this amazing young man on our televisions for a long time.

What are your thoughts on Quaden’s story? Do you anticipate seeing him in 2024?

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